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"The 10 K Face Walk, Trample Party of the Century" 1998

Here it is the first 10 K Facewalk Party in the world, I'll be writing a story with the assistance of Thunder Rose, (the Xpert Trampler of all time) and Mistress Magick my dear sister Queen that just had a blast, and Princess Lola, who really let loose with her feet, and the fantastic Mistress Sweet Feet, and last but not least the fabulous Wicked Mistress Twilla. I will interview all the ladies and get their take on it. It was such an incredible event. Never have I seen so much positive loving yet powerful female trampling & squashing energy in one room. Talk about Rockin' the House!

The male squashee's who made our feet happy were slave matt, Rose's personal toy, and slave face walk, Mistress Sweet Feet's personal toy, and slave tramplee, Mistress Twilla's personal toy, and I will be collecting the different handles of the other 4 men who attended & participated.

Unbelievable 150 lb. full face walking up to 1,500 lbs of Trampling Terror, 6 women Body Piles, Sea of male carpets, Human chairs enduring the most Fantastic Body Crushing Ever! It's amazing that these men were able to walk out alive.



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