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"2nd Annual 10K Facewalk Party"(1999)

Here it is folks- at last- the 2nd 10k Annual Facewalk Party in Queen Adrena's backyard. It was a fabulous experience. All the ladies had the time of their life along with all the human furniture. The only thing missing from total perfection was Queenie joining the gang. I had to sit by and just watch due to my foot surgery. But I had a great time anyhow directing a little. The Ladies actually took over and did a Stompin Great Job.

The Ladies in attendance were the Fabulous Mistress Shelly 5'9", a mere 160 lbs, size 10 feet, Goddess Ebonique 5'9" 230 solid lbs, size 10 feet, Mistress Sweet Feet (unveiling her beautiful face) 5'9" 200 lb. size 10 feet, Princess Ariel  6'2" 230 lb. size 12 feet, Lady Ayhla a sister Dominatrix, 135 lb. 5'7" size 6 feet, & last but not least Goddess Star Dust, visiting from out of state, 5'8" 160 lb. size 9 feet.

There are two tapes in this series, There is no way we could capture all that happened on one tape. We have over 4 hours of tape from 3 different camera's capturing the non stop trampling, facewalking, body squashing, and the most erotic natural Goddess facewalking party ever! Part of the shooting is from the main camera and part of the shooting is the in incredible close-ups of all of the exquisite feet walking and walking and stomping and jumping, and squashing and smothering and more...

6 BBW Women Trample 12 men in Queen’s backyard in the most exciting facewalking & jumping, squashing, smothering party ever. Two full hours where the trampling is the most brutal, with the ladies all ganging up on the men individually. All the ladies using the squash benches to sit,  do dog piles, and jump from. They did some great butt drops and etc. (tape one has the full beginning and half of the 2nd part of the squashing and sitting on the brush benches. The second half is on tape 2) The third part (on tape two) was all of the girls ganging up on each guy individually, trampling, jumping from the bench and full weight pile ups. This is the part where facewalk takes all the weight  of the girls standing on him completely. Viking boy does a great job of taking all of the ladies and so does most of the men. Some of them were terrified of too much weight so they just got the feet light to medium planted on their flattened bodies.  More later. I thought the pictures would speak for themselves.

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Mistress Shelly aka The Burbank Bomber

Mistress Ebonique

Mistress Sweet Feet

Princess Ariel

Lady Ayhla

Sweet Feet & Ariel




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