"Amazon's Tie & Tickle Sadie & Lolita"

"Amazons Tie & Tickle Sadie & Lolita"-  "The Most Exciting action filled tickling tape I've ever done" Queen Adrena & Amazon Ariel wrestle with Lola & Sadie for play at first, then the  game is , the losers have to submit to tickling. So of course the Giants win, and we tie up Sadie and Lola & blindfold them. We tickle torment the young ladies until they squeal, scream, & laugh so hard they wet their panties. ( too bad I didn't get close-ups of that) Ariel and I attack Sadie's sz 11'a and Lola sz 10's relentlessly. We use feathers, but of course the most lethal weapon is our long painted finger nails invading their ear lobes, their necks, the back of their knees, and finally in between their painted toes. Our secret weapon at the finale is "ice cubes" applied  tortuously in between their toes and onto their necks and all of their most ticklish vulnerable spots. Sadie gets so wild from the tickling she actually raises her self from the table with her arms in bondage to try to escape the never ending tickling. Sadie and Lola can stop their torment if they submit to Queen's & Ariel's head scissors. Finally they submit, and Queen squeezed Sadie and then visa versa, Queen sat on the girls in some nice face sitting for a short time while Ariel squeezed Lola. 52 min. $35. ( 2nd camera with close-ups) I plan to do much more scissors and face sitting with my lovely new protoges'. They take their punishment to deliciously.

Complete Ordering Information

  write to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, Ca. 90745 send money order for priority mail delivery. $30.+ 5