"Big Bi-Girl’s Love Rasslin’ & Tramplin' on mattress- viking boy"  [QA55]

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    The BBW Black Goddess’s Cinnamon & Sugar tried something they have always wanted; to tie up a man, dominate him & force him to watch as they make love to one another. In this case, they captured viking boy. He was ordered to suck Sugar’s spike heeled open toed 6" pumps, & Cinnamon’s 5" calf high patent leather boots. He properly removed & smelled their nylons. He gave them delicious complete foot worship, licking each toe one at a time, kissing their soles & feet. They rode him like a horse, then commanded him to lie like a rug; to endure them walking on him with their new spike heels that dug deeply into..

    His Chest. With his arms tied to his thighs, they kept him on knees. They trampled & teased him with their bare feet on his cock. He’s just an object to watch; He’s merely a mattress for them to play on with their Bare Breasted Bodies. They did lots of Double sitting on his flattened body forwards, backwards, rubbing their breasts on each other. They rolled on him, applying as much pressure as they could. With their combined 560 lbs., they squashed him with Tummy, face standing & Ass smothering . They enjoyed their great bi-pleasure as he’s forced to watch. He’s denied any release. Someday He may be rewarded…...


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Videography by "Krazy Ken"

Stills & assistant director "Paul/Casper"