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"In The Buff Face Fuck" ( 75 min.) This is Kyla’s solo Mistress adventure with pony boy. She ties him on the X & whips his tight buns. She walks all over him, pulverizing him to make him worthy of her face fucking grind ride from hell. She stripped & sat on him on the carpet nude. She demanded sexy foot & Heel worship, & Very Sexy Breast worship on her HH’s. Her pussy was wet & ready to mount pony boy on the crush bench made for face fucking. She rode that boys face until she left tread marks...... $50 bufff1.jpg (17695 bytes)
" 557 lb. Amazon's Assimilaton of slave Iron Crotch"    (55 min. + 45 min slide show) We were upstairs in the loft, which has such handy "A frame" walls and chains above us that are such fun for mounting our little "Iron Crotch". Ebonique did alot of plops & belly flops, we did a thing called squash fucking which includes alot of pelvic pressure applications pile driving bumping. Ebonique jumped higher than I have ever seen her jump on his tummy and crotch. This is a pressure fetishists wet dream when Queenie and Ebonique both step on his crotch on the little surg board. $45 aamas5b.jpg (12270 bytes)
"Death of A pizza Boy" ( 80 min.) 2 BBW's Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla Captured & Punished the Pizza Delivery man who dared to eat their pizza. They Squashed the Holy Hell out of the insolent little worm. With their topless 550 lbs of Massive Asses & Breasts, they Crushed him flat in many different action packed pile ups & throw downs. Lots of Rough Squash play. We trample him a bit, & we roughly grabbed his long schlong as our joy stick to lead him around with as we pleased & teased. Kyla especially loved poking her pizza covered tits in his face, suffocating him with her 46HH’s, ( he did not survive) $45 kpz41.jpg (7866 bytes)
"Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists" ( 75 min) (Sharon, Shelly & Santana) Queen & Sharon Kidnap "Max Footlove"at the airport.He’s blindfolded & held at gunpoint, then taken to be interrogated by "The Trampling Terrorists". They suffocate & scissor him until he passes out. Then the Sadistic Trampling & Brainwashing begins. They subjugate & humiliate him with non stop full weight face walking & jumping on him like a trampoline. Max resists at first, until the pain becomes intolerable. He’s hypnotized by their beautiful aromatic demanding feet, derriere’s & Titanic Bare Tits slapping him in the face. Santana bounced on his head like a basketball. Shelly never stopped squishing the air right out of him with her feet caving in his chest, face, & crotch. Sharon applies wicked cbt....... $45 terrorad1.jpg (8486 bytes)
" Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet & Drowned in a Golden Tidal Wave" (- 90 min.) Queen & Kyla initiate slave pony boy as Kyla's private property. We whip him hard, Squish him flat with our feet, sexxy heel humiliation, foot & ass worship. He endures an Incredible double 550 lb pony ride with Heavy Trampling, Fantastic Ass & Breast Smothering, Face Sitting, & Squashing to the max (Great Human Furniture). Then Queen instructs Kyla in the art of golden wine dispensing. A golden tidal wave enslaves our pet in hot juicy heaven. Kyla’s very first shower. Feel the Female power. $50 avaln1.jpg (7750 bytes)
"Enorma's 500 lb Nude Avalanche Crushes samson"  (60 min. ) Mistress "Enorma" invited slave samson over to her private domain for a very special & Brutal afternoon of Amazing Ass Worship & Savage Squashing. The wicked, strong, solid, buxom 500 lb blond Mistress knows exactly how to throw her weight around on samson’s flattened body. She demanded that his tongue serve every inch of her never ending curves. She buried his face in every crevice of her BBW body as she envelopes his entire being. $50 enav2ad.jpg (3727 bytes)
"Mat Man's Mashacre by Mistress SharonT" ( 80 min ) Starring Mistress Sharon 46DD sz 9 & 1/2 beautiful feet inducts the new slave "mat man" into the Realm of the Queen's Foot & Ass Slave's. Superb Foot Degradation, Tummy Trampling, Foot , Heel & Ass Worship, Pressure Smother & so much more. $45 matmg.jpg (7590 bytes)
"Iron Balls Collides with the 867 lb Wrecking Crew" ( 70 min.)Queen Adrena, Goddess Ebonique, And Amazon Ariel (without her nylons for the very first time) gang up on little man "Iron Crotch" They squish squash him on the ground, on the crush bench. They do many different pressure filled pile ups. They ride on the little surf board all together on his crotch. This is truly Unbelievalble that such a small man can endure so much flattening. He even gives us a bouncing ride. We Jump and plop, and butt drop. A FAntastic Journey into the  Sensational & Surreal World of Squishing. $45 ironcad2.jpg (13487 bytes)
"Lady & The Trampoline" (70 min.) Starring Mistress Santana and Bouncer Boy. This is Brutal, Sexy Foot Worship. Great Face Sitting, Tummy Jumping, Facewalking & more. The pictures speak a thousand words. Bouncer Boy could not speak at all when Santana squished his face with her standing feet. $45 ladtad1.jpg (7479 bytes)
"In the Nude Squash Mood" 550 lbs of Titanic Tits & Colossal Asses (60 min)  Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla capture Samson in their secret Lair of Nude Squash Rituals. Their Big Bare Round Beautiful Butts & Bosoms entrance & captivate Samson deep in their Nude Creamy Crevices. We knew that we could apply as much pressure and weight as we wanted with samson. The Bigger the Better for him. 80 min. $45 insqmad1.jpg (13043 bytes)
"The Fresh Richie is taught Manners with Scissors & Face Sitting Pins" (40 min.) This is a classic dominant wrestling treat. Richie & Queenie had a date to meet for simple cuddling. And the naughty young man could not keep his hands off Queenie's long strong legs peeping out from her very short sexy skirt and white lace panties. Queen must put him in his place with her Lessons of Head Scissors, School Boy Pins and Dominant Wrestling with lots of face sitting & tormenting teasing. Excellent Role play. $35 freshrich2.jpg (8438 bytes)
"Viking Boy's DeFeet" ( 75 min)starring Amazon's Ariel, SweetFeet & viking boy. The Big Beautiful Women capture the strong slave viking boy & decide to have a contest to see how many please for mercy they can extract out of him with their Dominant Feet & Asses. $40 vikbdftad1.jpg (8200 bytes)
"Rug Man's Demise" ( 60 min) Polynesian Princess Santana & Mistress Shelly decide to hold audtions for a domestic foot slave. The test includes face walking, body trampling, face-siting, sensual foot worship with heels and bare painted toe nails. $40 rugmad1.jpg (7379 bytes)
"Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry" - In the Torrid Temple of Trample & Squash ( 75 min) Queen Adrena, (320 lbs.), invites Princess Kyla, (230 lbs sz 9 feet), her beautiful full bodied, (46HH), protege', to her First day of Full Weight Squashing of men. There was 550 lbs with the two Amazons administering Trampling, Squashing, Face Sitting, Foot Worship, Horsie Riding, a little whipping & so much more. A  very revealing, (topless),  & sexy,   (teenie bikini panties), experience. $35 kvkad1.jpg (5491 bytes)
" Collection Of Samplers 4-9" $20
"Sampler 9" $25
"530 lb. Delilah Gets Sexy" Delilah reveals her Gargantuan Beauty in a teenie red bikini- Size Comparisons, a weigh in, and lots of squashing & smothering! $45 delgsx1.jpg (10142 bytes)
"Delilah's 550 lb. Monstrous Mash" slave samson - see more of her gargantuan curves in smothering & crushing action $40 mosmsh-del1.jpg (3675 bytes)
"Simply Sitting" with Queen Adrena, Princess Kyla. We captured a small man "Dyonisis". He's 5'7" 130 lb. He visited us from out of state. He was such a crunchable munchable. He really enjoyed pressure on his chest and face. We applied all of our weight on him on the skinny crush bench first. On this bench you have no room for mistakes. And you feel the pressure even more because our butt cheeks wrap around you more on the skinny little top of it. Then we went to the couch, then to the crush bench, thento the mat he went splat. He was devoured in every conceivalbe sitting position. $33. simpsad1.jpg (12906 bytes)
10k 2nd Annual Facewalk Party 1999 tape 1 $30 10k2gb1.jpg (29944 bytes)
10k 2nd Annual Facewalk Party 1999 tape 2 $30 10k2smgp.jpg (17915 bytes)
"Queen's Royal Ass Subjugation Queen engulfs her slave "sitting face" within her glorious gluteous maximus, and bathes him with all of her juices. $40 rawad1.jpg (5398 bytes)
"Mikey Licks It All"- Queen &Mistress Magick tie & whip, & subjugate little slave Mikey. Then they force him into total humiliation of smelling all of their cracks, and scintillating aromas, under the arms, inside theri asses. He must lick all of the dirty spots clean. Our resebuds were worshipped and cleaned properly. Then he must drink any holy champagne that is dispensed into a glass and in the bath tub. $45 mla63.jpg (10317 bytes)
Video Tape Any Title $35
Video Tape Any Title $40
Video Tape Any Title $45
Video Tape Any Title $50