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" Death of A pizza Boy- A Fatal Squash Affair "[QA39]

2 BBW's Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla Captured & Punished the Pizza Delivery man who dared to eat their pizza. They Squashed the Holy Hell out of the insolent little worm With their 550 lbs of Massive Asses & Breasts. They Crushed Him & Suffocated him to Death. And they laughed at his Grueling, Suffocating, and Pounding Torment. See story below..75 min.

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The Story of "Death of  Pizza Boy" - by Kyla & Queenie

Queenie and I were lying around in bed at the Temple when we decided to order some pizza. We requested our favorite pizza boy whom we loved to invite in to play with us, but he was afraid to deliver our pizza due to the last time we tormented him so wickedly. So we got a new pizza boy.

The pizza boy swore up and down that it wasn’t him - but we were positive it was he. How dare he eat our pizza !!! We couldn’t allow him to get away with this, or pizza boys everywhere would go wild. It would be pizza anarchy! No pizza would be left untouched by the grubby little hands of all those slimy little pizza delivery boys.

After our shock subsided, our rage ignited. We scolded him firmly and then we drug him over to throw him onto the bed. Then we plopped right down on him with our full 550-LB weight! Queenie & I planted our bikinied buns on his face and crotch while he lay quivering with fear. We bounced on his balls and sat on his face. We squashed and squashed! What fun we had. It was our full obligation to punish him or it wouldn’t be right. Bad little pizza boy had to be punished. We bounced and squashed and smothered angrily. "Bounce, squash, squish, grind!" He begged us to get off him and let him go, but we were far from being finished with him. In fact, we were just getting started! I (Princess Kyla, the HH busted BBW young blond in the pictures) forced him to eat my makeshift pepperoni pasties that I had applied to my Gigantic Watermelon Bosoms! Pizza boy resisted saying, "No, I don’t like pepperoni," he whined. But I made him eat them, and then lick all the pizza grease from my nipples. Ha! That little worm had no idea what he had coming to him. I loved letting out all of my squash aggressions on that little wormy pizza eating, no bath taking, and pepperoni wasting pizza boy! What incredible power I had over this little shit! We beat, squished, squeezed, and pounded the little shit for hours. For the full story, & larger XXX pictures with mpegs of this video Plus complete story published in Fetish World & more, Go to www.QueenAdrena.net


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