"Enorma's 500 lb Avalanche Crushes samson" (QA43-Order)

Mistress "Enorma" invited slave samson over to her private domain for a very special & Brutal afternoon of Amazing Ass Worship & Savage Squashing. The wicked, strong, solid, buxom 500 lb blond Mistress knows exactly how to throw her weight around on samson’s flattened body. Enorma is much more dominant & physically aggressive than Delilah. She can really move and Squash her captive unendingly. She is more delightfully confident, Sexy, & Bitchy.

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Enorma was very verbally commanding with her slave samson. She demanded so many things from her slave. She would say "Aren't you lucky slave!". " Kiss my Ass slave! Tongue my ass slave! Now stop and just smell my animal scent that you have waited for so long!" He would say "please Mistress, just let me breathe a little?" And Enorma would laugh wickedly, giving just enough gasps of air to keep lapping & kissing. Then she would plop down harder & harder. She would crush his chest mounting him like a horse with him as her saddle laying face up. Samson would tap her thighs 3 times, which is the signal of mercy. Goddess Enorma would get up just long enough to then plop back onto his face like a steam roller, flattening his head & chest like a squished grape.

For those of you who have the "Pressure Fetish" this is your Fetish Fairy tale cum true. Never has their been such severe Suffocation & Envelopment with one Mighty Mistress. Samson was entombed & Buried Alive. He was Assimilated, Absorbed & Stuffed back into the womb. It's a true wonder that he made it out alive. No average man could ever survive the Brutal Squashing samson endured on this hot & sultry afternoon. Enorma enjoyed dishing out the punishment. She kicked his ass and he had to lick hers!!