"Glamazon’s Slamathon" [QA54]

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Queen loves to lift her victim The Giantess Belly Bop Squash We all did air-plane spinning

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 Forward School boy pin Queen's Lethal Head Scissors Cinnamon's Head Scissors

Queen Kong ( 6'3" 225 lbs.), & BBW Slammers (5’9" 290 lb.) Cinnamon & (5 -10" 270 lb.) Sugar decide to have a slam party. They invited little "Super Boy" (5’6" 125 lb.) to be their slam boy toy. Queen would grab the strong little Super boy to lift & slam him silly Cinnamon & Sugar followed Queen’s every move. We all air-plane spinned super-boy, then we Body slammed him repeatedly, kicked him mercilessly, sat on his face. We applied several submission holds; the gSeducevine, school-boy pins (forward & reverse, which he could not escape from), clothes-line, Belly Bops, Full On Splashes, Head Scissors, Breast smothering, ass smothering. Our little boy disappeared totally into the folds of our massive mounds of sensual captivation. We even piled up all of our 885 lbs of slamming Glamazons on him at once. This is an amazing "Slamathon".  45 min.

This is one Helluva Brutal total overpowerment of a small male in our Giantess Raging Power.  Cinnamon & Sugar can move. for two Big Women they are quite athletic and energetic.

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Videography by "Krazy Ken"

Stills "Casper"