"Seduce & Rumble 1,160 lbs of Man Eating & Beating Women"

Queen Adrena, Gigantess, & Monique, 3 Gigantic & Horny Women went Man Hunting. They decided to kidnap the first male to walk down the street in front of the Temple that night. They hid in the driveway until Goliath came unsuspecting down the street. They emerged grabbing & slamming him hard against the fence. Knocking him out with an ether rag, they dragged him to the front lawn, They threw him down, piling on him, knocking the wind out of him. They drug him inside the house, where they threw him against the wall, delivering butt slams and belly bops, tenderizing his bones to get him ready for his continuing demise. Throwing him on the floor, they scissored his head tightly in their excruciating thighs. They wailed on him with some big butt drops & belly splashes. All 3 women Trampled him repeatedly. They face-sat & smothered slave goliath with 1,160 lbs of breath depriving pressure. They dragged him onto the crush bench where they rode his face raw. They stripped down nude, each using his face for oral service.  Then they Seduced him. They spurted his cock with sexy Tit jobs. Very Sexy & Brutal 

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