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"Amazon's 567 lb Assimilation of Iron Crotch"

Starring Ebonique in her finest & Most Aggressive Trampling & Squashing Decadence.  (QA47)

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     In Queenie’s loft, which has "A frame" walls & chains above us for balance, Ebonique & Queenie started the assimilation of iron crotch by standing full weight on his body as a human carpet. "Iron Crotch" is only 5’6" 130 lb. He was like a little mouse beneath our towering Amazon figures. Ebonique really was outstandingly beautiful and commanding on this day. She looked spell binding in her newly lightened hair do & her wicked long nailed pedicure The close-ups of her feet & ass are extraordinary. We both stood on his crotch & chest full weight. We trampled him divinely. Ebonique stood on the crush bench, then let her weight go flying in the air with several gigantic belly & ass flops.. She did not let "Iron Crotch up" for air for a second.

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     We both really enjoyed the strength of our little tough man beneath our size 10 & 11 feet & our big beautiful bottoms. We sat on him Suffocating & Crushing him endlessly. He rarely asked for air. We both adored the way he fit in between our ass cheeks while squash fucking him. (75 min. $40)      We sat nude on his face forwards & backwards, smothering him in all of our hot steamy cleavages, including suffocating his face inside of our big Melon Breasts. Then we put his little surfboard to good use on his crotch with Ebonique jumping on it full weight & really hanging 10 on his pelvis. It was as if we had super man beneath us.

     We could not give "Iron Crotch" enough pressure. He surrendered only twice. We did some delicious dog piles. And we went completely nude for some double squash fuck & trample trouble. We both love the feeling of our little firm man caught between our mighty thighs, bare buns, and assimilated by our bare smooth skin. 

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Videography & Stills by Krazy Ken & Casper