"Buried in An Avalanche of Ass, Tits, & Trampling Feet & Drowned in a Golden Tidal Wave" [QA37]

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     Princess Kyla asked Queen Adrena if she could consider Pony Boy as her very own pet. Queen decided that after being with pony boy a few times that he would indeed make a good pet for the young Princess. They were very attracted to one another and he promised that he would do "Anything" to please both she & I.

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He rode both of us around the room with graceful smooth strides. pony boy loved to feel Kyla's feet dig deeply into his tummy.  Squish that Pony boy down!
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        It had been a very nice long erotic pressure filled smothering & squashing time with pony boy underneath the voluptuous 230lb Princess. While pony boy was tied to the X, Queen wanted to demonstrate one of her other favorite games; some cock & ball bondage and teasing. We turned pony boys body around to face us, retying his hands above his head. Then we stripped his shorts down. With my favorite black silky soft rope, we captured his manhood by tying his balls with just the right tightness. Both Kyla & I pulled his balls very firmly together, as we both had a leash to pull. We lightly flogged his balls, since this was new to him. Kyla & Queen were royally amused with this game. Pony boy was definitely frightened by this game, but love how he was amusing us.

     And then it was on to the Squashing and Smothering Games of the Evening. The Queen wanted Kyla to use pony boy as much as she desired for her own sitting pleasure. So I sat back at times and just let the two of them meld their flesh together as she placed her 230 lb gloriously on his back, his tummy, and so on. I enjoyed watching and guiding her squashing & trampling moves, making sure Kyla understood her power and her beauty. Next time I will have a good slave of my own to be servicing my pink paradise while I watched, because it made me quite hot.


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