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"Queen's Sissy Panty Boys"

Queen's First Sissy Panty Boy Tape is Here at Last. "Mistress Shelly" my Amazon Sister From professional Wrestling and Mud Wrestling and starring in many different videos has joined me with her personal panty boy Tim/Tammy to show what a true Dominant Bitch Goddess can do to a sissy Bitch who needs constant reminders of how frilly and silly he is. He concealed his lingerie fetish, then we caught him wearing lingerie underneath his macho construction worker clothes.  We really punished and teased and humiliated this sissy boy good.

Pantied Punished & Sissified

Giantess Mommy's Humongous Humiliation of Baby boy

Mommy Adrena's Panties & Feet Queen Mommy Adrena decides itís time to show her little baby boy J ( 5'6- 120 lb.) just how helpless & little he really is when he gets reduced to wearing didies for the amusement of Mommy Adrena and Princess Amazon Ariel & Princess Mika. Queen told the young girls how to control a boy like J with enforced  ass & panty sniffing & forced spike heel worship ( he must suck the spikes deep in his mouth & smell & lick our toes)


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"Queen's Role Play Tapes"

Spanking & Smothering School

Teacher Adrena teaches two small students, a boy & girl, serious lessons about smothering, & over the lap spanking with rulers and bare handed spanking, with nice forced Breast Worship and Full bodied crushing & Serious Deep Ass Smothering.

Queen's Auntie Role Play

Queen Auntie Adrena enjoys over the lap spanking of her naughty nephews. And she loves to humiliate them after they get caught sniffing her dirty panties in the hamper in the bathroom.

Auntie Adrena loves to leave the door open to her bedroom when her nephew is visiting . While she pretends not to notice, she undresses and shows off her enormous Breasts as she changes into a negligee', or she changes her panties or nylons. Of course she takes her sweet time as her nephew peaks around the corner with a big bulge in his pants.

Sometimes Auntie Adrena has to punish her nephew for touching himself too much. Sometimes she has to force him to smell her sweaty feet after she gets home from work. Sometimes she leaves the bathroom door open while she is bathing and ask her nephew to bring her something to drink.

Auntie Adrena loves to tease & Torment her naughty nephews and They must never tell anyone! Lest they will be severely hurt and punished. It is our little secret that you , my sweet nephew, gets the pleasure of learning how to please your Big Sexy Well Endowed Auntie. Sometimes your tongue must be used for my amusement. I am making a better male out of you teaching you that the woman is the Boss! Maybe there will be one less asshole in the world this way.

More to cum later.

Queen Auntie Adrena

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