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Bargain Basement Video's

$30 Including Postage

Buy Any 2 FOR $50.- including postage in the US - Outside US- $5. per video - we have to send one at time for customs.


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QB19.) Super Boy's Test of Strength With Queen Kong In N.Y. City"


Super Boy is 5'5" 135 lb. He wanted to Prove to his long admired Amazon Goddess that he could take all her submission holds, her head scissors, her squashing, her smothering, her trampling, her horsy riding, and all of her weight assimilating his tiny muscular body in all her sensual yet hungry for squashing flesh. Great size difference. And some lifting.


 QB18.) Giantess Fruit Salad Squish


Ariel & Sweet Feet Squish Bananas, Kiwis, Strawberry's, Whip Cream & Chocolate all over viking boy, then they feed him their messy soles and toes.


QB17.) Pantied Punished & Sissified


Queen & Mistress Shelly teach their sissy boy how to dress in panties,& take his humiliating puhishment 


QB16.) Slumber Party Trample


Ariel, Lolita & Sadie trample each other


QB15.) Tiny Titan's Wrestling School


the Giant Queen teaches the tiny girls Mika & Cupie how to wrestle & then she lifts them and scissors them & smothers them good.


 QB14.) Stompin & Crushing Boot Camp


Queen, Magick, Lolita, Galaxy all stomp the holy hell out of slave duke. He loved his pounding & Piling.   


 QB13.) Heel Poke Penance


Queen & Galaxy heel stomp, crush & smother  slave Duke


 QB12.) Foot Stomping Odyssey  Featured in "Leg Show"


Queen & Mika demand foot & heel worhsip, Mika learns how to walk in heels on slave eddie.


QB11.) The Taming of Hercules


Queen, Ariel & Mika challenge this strong young man to a  squashing, trampling and foot worship test of strength.


 QB10.) Kamasutra Foot Love


Queen teaches a couple the foot worship Rituals of "Love", great body & face walking with delicious oil rub on feet.


  QB9.) 10 K Face Walk Trample Party I (1998)


The original party at Facewalks place- quality of tape is not great- content is great!


  QB8.) Massive Momma's Crush & Trample


Incredible Supersize Giantess's teach matt the Heaviest Lessons Under Extreme Pressure- A Pressure Fetishists Delight


 QB7.) Mother In Law Trample


Queen Mother Adrena & her step-daughter Jewels teach husband Lessons of female Supremacy


 QB6.) Amazon's Tie & Tickle Bimbos


Queen & Ariel get Lolita & Sadie to cry tears of tickle torture.


  QB5.) 5 Card Stomp the Stud


Queen, Galaxy, Sadie play sadistic trample card game


 QB4.) Whips and Bondage 101


Princess Rhonda & Queen  devirginize a newbie to the scene


  QB3.) Bi-Vixens Feet In Heat- 2 Girl Foot Fetish


Polynesian Princess Santana & Mistress Shelly each got a beautiful pedicure, then were going out to lunch together for some girl talk, but instead they feasted in each others feet


QB2.) Peep Show" - 55 min.


Special- very private look at Q & Princess Mika dressed for kinky pleasure in several different lingerie outfits with nylons & different open toed heels, featuring bikini panties, major teasing poses, juicy Queenie & Mika girlie play. We dance, sing, & dominate a slave at the end with whipping, & a little cross dressing. Queen does some tremendous smothering & crushing of little Mika at the end. This is a rare sexxy treat.


QB1.) Tickling Tinkerbell's


Two tiny girls Princess's Cupie & Mika have a little foot tickle date, they are a little bi-sexual and try every cute little foot tickle game. Queen Captures themand ties them, then tickles them mercilessly at the end.


 QBA.) Fruit, Snails & Furniture Crush


Queen  Adrena & her two tiny girls Cupie & Mika crush Kiwis, Grapes, little tomatoes, and miniature furniture.


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