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 (1,750 lbs.) "Big Ass Smotherland Smash"

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Featuring the Giantess Goddess's 550 lb. Delilah, 320 lb. Queen Adrena, 350 lb. Thunder Rose, 230 lb. Mistress Magick, 230 lb. Ebonique (our new black Goddess). It was a very hot steamy summer day in Magick's mansion. Queen Adrena had invited her girl friends Delilah, Magick, Rose, & Ebonique to a small Squash party...

        And we all agreed to introduce the beautiful new BBW we had met the night before at our Trample party to join us in the Crushing & Smothering Fun. It is really amazing that all of us have such enormous fun at these events. We especially have fun when we get our hands, feet, & ass's upon our favorite crush boys samson, and matt, who are truly devoted Giantess lovers. We feel very special to these admirers of the Xtra Full figured Goddess's. I'm actually a little small for samson, his favorites are Delilah, and Rose. He prefers wider hips than what I have. I am only a size 56 hips, Delilah has size 70 hips, and Rose has size 65 hips. Magick and Ebonique are size 46 hips, ( a little puny for samson, but she learned how to throw her weight around very well) Matt on the other hand loves all sized full figured gals, but of course he loves Rose his girl friend the most. Both men really had the time of their lives by the time we were done devouring them into all of our cleavages and cracks, squishing them into oblivion until they surrendered their power to us completely. This was our party to enjoy ourselves to the max. We all dressed very erotically in very revealing lingerie. Queenie, Magick, & Ebonique displayed the most flesh, with Delilah bravely showing her colossal curves in a see through bra and bikini panties, & Rose in a tight full body suit.

        We started the crushing rituals with samson so that he could be the main course for awhile before we brought matt in to the squash arena. We first used my wooden crush bench and ordered slave samson on his back to endure our Humongous Heavy Weights. Delilah sat on his tummy full weight straddling his torso with an indention of enormous powerful squashing. Ebonique tried using her weight on his face and I on his crotch grinding our ample ass's in as deeply as we could. We all showed Ebonique how to use her body as a sensuous weapon of Squashing pulchritude. Magick especially loved showing her black sister how to use her similar big beautiful curves to torment the crush boy. We applied all kinds of squashing and smothering positions trading off using different parts of samson's firm tall body. Samson knows how to make a large woman feel beautiful while he is gasping for air. We asked him if he is ready to submit and he always says More". We love that feeling that our weight is thought of as beautiful and sensuously punishing. He endures it for the honor of pleasing all of Womankind. His hands sneak in to feel our thighs and he kisses our ass's in between our prolonged sitting , smothering & squashing. Delilah extracts a "mercy" out of him with our extra added weight. We worked over Samson on the crush bench's and then we grabbed matt who was waiting with baited breath for his turn. We grabbed matt and threw him down on the big mat next to samson, so that we had two carpet men at our feet. We stomped and walked on samson & matt. Side by side they endured all of us walking on their tummies as we continuously tortured them with our immense weights digging deeply into their flesh with our bare feet. We trampled their torsos, tummies, and crotch's quite thoroughly feeling the energy build into a dominant woman's dream, to annihilate and completely envelope these handsome men into the folds of our feet, then up to our bodacious buns and ta ta's. As they laid on the ground flattened more & more, we extracted more than a few pleas for mercy, which excites us tremendously. We really dig the physical dominance that we express with our abundant bodies. Ebonique was turning out to be a natural squasher and smotherer.

        After we trampled, then we squashed, we piled high, sometimes in all 1,750 lbs. of Full Squashing Splendor. As for our Rotund Rears, we used our ass's in every smothering and squashing position that we could think of. We just sat on both matt's and samson's face over and over again, not holding back any of our humongous weight of flesh. We put their faces inside of our steamy thighs and crunched their nose's tightly against our pelvic bones. Thunder Rose especially loved rubbing on samson's face when she sat on him, and so did Delilah, we all did., Matt & samson just loved all of us squishing their face's without mercy or restriction. We just let it all hang out literally. There is nothing like a BBW's bikinied ass buried in your nose, and then having Magick's & Ebonique's torrential ta ta's spill in your face out of its lace corset. This was the most sensuous squashing, smothering and trampling ever done in group video.

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