"Queen Adrena's Real Fetish Videos"

" Fashions For Big Beautiful Babes "

I have been asked many times for mail order clothing for the Big Hot Mama, so Here are a few of the places I have found. By Ro is by Far the Best I have ever found in quality, price and variety.

Stormy Leather Leather for the BBW and Toys

" Plus Shop Designs " by Ro

This female BBW designer is the BEST Bathing Suit & Clothes Designer I have ever known. Her stuff is so sexxy and reasonably priced. It is high quality and she is a great lady. She will soon have Fetish Wear that she and I are starting to develop.

Sandie's Boutique

A delightfully unique cyber-boutique with gently used and new clothing and accessories for plus and Supersized women - sizes 16-40+ (1X-10X).

Barb's Large & Lovely Fashions

Sizes 1X-8X & Custom Design - I have purchased this incredible design below and it looks great on a tall BBW like myself. I also got one of her incredible lace cat suits. And I got some great custom made panties from her. This company Rocks!! And they are reliable and quick on the delivery. LOVE IT !


click picture


  Jorge's Page for Tall Women

This where I found all these links

He's a Great Guy truly devoted to "Tall Women" and information about them on the web, "Big &Tall" women are included in this information.

 Bruce & Valerie's Lycra Spandex Domain

Get your custom spandex that look like rubber, in any size from some very cool people 

Bruce & Valerie @ Graphica Design


Astarte Fashions

Jennifer Davis is a truly talented Designer, I have never had such elegant evening attire, and casual to business wear be so durable. It lasts forever and washes easily. These fashions are expensive but worth it. I have worn some of her designs for over 3 years.

She works quickly ON CUSTOM DESIGNS & can copy all of her available fashions in any size. This is my favorite designer so far, because she truly understands the movement of the BBW and the Grace of Fashion.