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Supersize Patty 550 lb Dominant Goddess

I am 5'8" and I weigh 500 lbs. I am waiting to hear more from you. Call if you dare to be in my Gigantic Powerful Presence. I stand proudly at 5'7" and weigh a full 500 lbs of solid Real Womanhood. My size 11,  pedicured feet with long red toe nails require lots of foot worship. I will train your tongue to obey my wicked way.

page me 310-627-0563 only if you are sincere and if I can call you back collect.

I live in Long Beach , California.  I am looking for a few select loyal servants to wine and dine me & become my personal slaves for squashing, smothering, foot worship, body worship (If I find you worthy enough)



Mistress Sharon T e-mail

Sharon T's Home Page

"Mat Man's Mashacre by Mistress SharonT"

"Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists"

She does accept private appointments at her own domain.

 slider3.gif (804 bytes)Write to Mistress Sharon T: POB 7734, Huntington Beach,

CA 92615 USA Call the Mst. Sharon's: 714-550-4791 

"Goddess Ebonique" is a Joyous Amazon. She's a full figured Black Beauty standing at 5'11" in high heels with Incredibly edible size 9 & 1/2 feet that are always wonderfully pedicured, with long red toe nails. She wears toe rings and knows how to tease & control you with her chocolate curves. She is strong and can squeeze you very tightly within her anaconda thighs.

She lives in Riverside Ca,. if any of you live out that way let me know, and I will arrange a meeting with her for you. She will travel to Los Angeles and can meet you in my private dungeon. We love to meet slave's together. You can e-mail her directly. She is available for training sessions at your hotel if you are visiting Los Angeles.

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"Amazon's Assimilation of Iron Crotch"

"10K2 Annual Facewalk 99"

"Mighty Mouse Visits Thighland"

"Big Ass Smotherland Smash"

"Iron Crotch Meet the 860 lb Wrecking

 Crew""Amazon's Smothering & Scissoring Orgy"

"Giantess Trample Fest"

"Mistress Shelly"

New E-mail 

Go To: for more on Shelly

"The Burbank Bomber" 165 lb.,5'10", size 10 feet

She is a little light for the BBW's, she only weighs in @165 lb., but she is a true Amazon in spirit and takes no prisoners. We have traveled all over the world together in mud wrestling and now she has joined the Kinky Klan to assist the Queen with her sissy sluts, and to wrestle those naughty boys into smothering and scissoring submission. Shelly loves to train devotee's in her private domain in Burbank CA. (She especially loves Foot Worship & Sissy boys)  call 818-848-2148 or Write: Shelly, POB 6655, Burbank Ca. 91510

She has appeared in :"Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists", "Rug Man's Demise", "Bi-Vixens Feet In Heat", " 10K2-2nd Annual Facewalk Party ", " BigBuns Bonanza", " Amazons Smothering & Scissoring School", " Pantied,Punished  & Sissified "


Empress Santana now has her own page here on the Queen's site and her own click here for more information on how to contact her directly. She is Awesome.

Santana is a Mighty Tiny Dominant Women weighing in @ 120 LB. She knows her place is above your groveling servitude. She has beautiful size 7 feet and knows how to use them to keep you down on the ground. She is available for private sessions if you are a member. Call me and I will arrange the connection. She really love walking on mens' faces. She is a martial arts expert also.

Tapes she has appeared in are: "Terrifying Topless TramplingTerrorists", "Lady & the Trampoline", "Bi-Vixens Feet In Heat", "Rug Man's Demise"

"Mistress Sweet Feet"

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Video's Sweet Feet has Appeared in:

"Viking Boy's DeFeet", "Giantess Fruit Salad Squish", 10k2-2nd

Annual Facewalk Party (99), "Women In Black TrampleAttack",

"Titanic Tramplethon I",  "Titanic Tramplethon II", "Giantess

Tramplefest", "10K Facewalk party 98", "Colossal Squashathon"

Sweet Feet 5'9" 225 lbs. sz. 10 ft

Sweet Feet will Trample you privately, if you are a member! The Queen will arrange her meetings.

Queen Goddess Giantess Adrena

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Queen Adrena  is 6'3" 315 lbs.

Queen Has Appeared in Many of Her Productions. She often participates by narrating the tapes to guide the less experienced girls through the experience. She loves to Trample, Squash, Smother, Face Sit & to have her Feet Kissed. She loves Auntie & Mommy Role Play. She loves over the lap spankings, whipping, B&D and sissy boy training as well.  She is versed in many Fetish Languages. She respects an individual's limits and enjoys expanding them.She is a very playful Demanding Goddess yet firm when necessary.

Some of her Favorite Tapes that she has appeared in are: " VikingBoy's Punishment,Penance, & Purgatory", " Amazon's Assimilation of Iron Crotch",    " Iron Balls Meets the 860 lbWrecking Crew""In the Nude Squash Mood", "Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry" In The Torrid Temple, "Death of a Pizza Boy", "Big BunsBonanza"- Goddess's Priscilla, Jen Marie, Shelly all practice their Big Buns Worship Lessons guided by the Queen. "Amazons Smothering & Scissoring Orgy"  Queen, Shelly & Ebonique train two boy toys how to worhsip their feet, ass's and take a really good smothering and crushing.,"Mighty Mouse Visits Foot & Thighland"- She really give the tiny man "nick" some serious Scissors & Smothering- with lots of good feet, and great group foot job for the finale'. (Ebonique & Sadie join the Queen in one of her Best tapes to date). "Queen's Royal Ass Subjugation" - Queen Captures one of her very special "Love Slave's" in her subjugating Lair of Ass Smothering, foot worship, Gigantic Breast Smothering, and all kind of Erotic slave Training., "Mikey Licks It All" Queen & Mst. Magick really humiliate slave mikey with their royal rumps, whipping, foot worship and the wonderful golden wine rituals., "Strictly Foot Fetish" , "Queen Crush's Samson" , "Giantess Crush's Mighty Mouse " And Many more. She is available for private meetings if you are a video tape purchaser or if you send a deposit ahead of time. 

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Mistress Kyla Kiss

Kyla is from Vancouver, Canada. She stands 5' 8" in heels. Her gorgeous feet are size 9. She will visit the Queen in Los Angeles every few months. Her interests are foot fetish, trampling, smothering, B&D and she's open to kinky exploration...with the right slave. She would also like to learn about role play and other games. Write to her and ask how you can serve.  email

Death Of A Pizza Boy

   Avalanche of Ass, Tits


 Simply Sitting  

In the Buff Face Fuck


In the Nude Squash Mood

Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry

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