Beautiful Dominant Women Appearing In  Queen's Videos (Page Two)

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delpor5.jpg (5187 bytes)Delilah is 5'7" 550 lbs. sz. 8 feet  


Tapes She Appeared in: "Delilah Gets Sexy""Women In Black Trample

Attack", "Delilah's Monstrous Mash",  " Ebony Delilah's 550 lb Crush",

"GiantessTrample Fest", "Big Ass Smotherland Smash", "Titanic Tramplethon II",

"Colossal Squashathon"


Amazon Ariel (6'2" 260 lb. sz. 13's)

  vbd2d.jpg (6991 bytes)


Tapes Amazon Ariel has appeared in: "Iron Balls Meets the 860 lb Wrecking Crew"

"Viking Boy's DeFeet", "Giantess Fruit Salad Squish" "10K2- 2nd-Annual-Facewalk

Party" , "Titanic Tramplethon I", "4 Valkyrie's Plunder of Viking Boy",

"Triple Trample", "Taming of Hercules", "Mommy Adrena's Panties & Feet"

mag3.jpg (7122 bytes)

Mistress Magick 5'9" 230 lbs. sz. 10 feet 

 Tapes Magick has Appeared In:

"Big Ass Smotherland Smash", "Giantess Trample Fest","Hooked On Cracks", "Mikey Licks It All", "Sister Queen's of Crush", "Titanic Tramplethon I", "Titanic Tramplethon II", "10 K Facewalk Party"    Magic is in Australia now

Any of my potential Models looking at this page do not be intimidated by the Big Tits of the girls; this is a plus, but most of the men who adore the Full Figured Gals care more about your big legs & thighs, & nice round plump Fanny. I & my fans love all sizes from 1X- 7X . the Queen & Friends will teach you how to look Beautiful at any size & Understand your Dominant Female Power!

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