"Biography of Queen Kong aka Queen Adrena"

 Printed in Dimensions Magazine

Queen of Ladies Wrestling & the Fetish Queen Adrena

"World Heavyweight Champion"

          "Im into the size acceptance movement, you accept it or Ill move ya!" That was one of my lines in my stand up routine. I have always been a "Big" girl. All throughout my young life, everyone was always making derogatory comments about my size. From the age of 13, 1 was 6' 3", and weighed 180 lbs. By the time I was age 16,1 had grown into 190- then 200 lbs. I grew up on an isolated mountain, Running Springs, California. I was very awkward, large, and lonely. I was over 6' tall in the 9th grade, and I was gangly and uncoordinated. I never got picked for any team sports; I was a complete klutz. The boys in school were all afraid of me, always trying to get my goat by taunting me and calling me names. Some of the choice names were "Baby Huey", the "Jolly Green Giant", and my favorite "Hippo". I felt extremely self-conscious at all times about my size. I thought sure there was something wrong with me because I did not fit into the Barbie Doll image. I definitely was not "popular". I didn't realize that the naughty boys that were calling me names were just trying to get my attention and some good old-fashioned competition with a large female going. I have a theory now, that large women represent a threat to young boys & immature men. They want to have some kind of competitive confrontation with them. Our largeness represents what society has taught them to interpret as masculine, therefore competition to them. Or, they just want to indulge in their fear and ignorance of a different female body type than that which has been imprinted upon their brains by television and society. I have had a double challenge in the size acceptance movement. I have always been too large and too tall to be accepted into anything in the entertainment world except playing the roles of the Big Bad Ugly Villain of some kind. At times I was not large enough to be accepted by the BBW Society. I asked the editor of BBW magazine to help me get into large lady modeling, and she said I was not really a BBW. I was too tall and that I did not weigh enough. That was when I was a mere 270 lbs. Now I am 330 lbs., age 50, and find that I am just as attractive to the opposite sex as ever, if not more so. The funny thing is that when I was a teenage I felt like "Baby Huey". I felt like I never fit in at all, and that continued for quite some time.

          I finished High School without a date. I did have a passion for roller-skating and spent countless hours in an outdoor rink in Running Springs. I then moved to Los Angeles to look for work and attend college. I went to college at El Camino Jr. College in Gardena Ca. I was studying music, and art. I was employed as a telephone operator. Then, one day I went to watch the collegiate wrestling team in action. The skill, strength and determination that I saw these young men show, not to mention the great bod's and buns inspired me. All of a sudden, I felt a passion for a sport that I had never had before. The grappling grabbed my mind and body. I decided to enroll in the beginning class. At first I was laughed at and the coach told me a woman did not belong in that class. I threatened to report him to the ERA. He reluctantly let me join. After a few months I started to show great promise. I started running and lifting weights, and practiced countless drills. Then one day, I pinned the Wrestling captain. The boys became afraid of me after that. They would often lose because my boob would accidentally fall into their face. It would throw them totally off guard, or a very embarrassing bulge in their shorts would arise after an illegal crotch hold. I started winning match's by default. I was age 24 and finally started to feel some acceptance of my large body. I didn't feel there was enough competition with everyone afraid of me all the time. I had heard from some friends of mine that there was an underground world of competitive wrestling for females. So, I put some ads in wrestling magazines for private wrestling matches. Through the responses, I discovered an entire world of private amateur wrestling clubs. Many men started writing and requesting mixed collegiate style wrestling matches. I put a mat in my house, and started teaching men that women can be very formidable. I would say that I won at least 90% of my match's. We video taped some of the matches, (not a lot due to video being very expensive at that time) and photographed many of these match's. You can see the pictures in my library list on my web site www.queenkong.com  . I am adding new pictures all the time. This activity really helped me to escape the low self-esteem that included that voice playing in the back of my head all the time about how I was not beautiful or desirable to the opposite sex, nor was I a true success at anything.

          Since then (1977), I've performed over 7,000 live shows in public arenas and perhaps just as many in Private Amateur matches. My first public performance was in 1971, wrestling for El Camino College. I was the first female collegiate wrestler in America. I won 75% of my match's in the 200-LB weight class. That was the first year El Camino won the state championship. I must admit, the first time I really beat a man with my wrestling skills, I was completely addicted. The look of fear in my male opponents eyes as I went for the pin was more addicting than heroin. I felt such surging confidence and power; something I never dreamed was possible for a timid, shy and uncoordinated young BIG girl. I felt a victory for all womankind when I saw that with my strong scissors holds, and unrelenting determination and stamina that I could conquer almost any man. I most certainly left a lasting impression on many a man J .

          At that time (1980), I wanted to do more professional wrestling with all my heart & body. I had been Training at The Olympic auditorium and I had been working with several professional wrestling teachers and coaches. But there wasn't much work in LA I even applied to the Fabulous Moolah's school in South Carolina. She demanded that you live in her wrestling camp. But, she was too far, and I had a child to worry about. So my partner and I started a new revolution of female wrestlers in Mud Wrestling. I was part of a Troop of 300 Hellcat vixens that performed Over 250 shows a week here in southern California. Mud & Oil Wrestling was a Huge Craze! We were filling the nightclubs beyond capacity. The mud & oil shows led to 7 or 8 television appearances, such as Real People and etc. Then, suddenly, I was exposed to another passion, acting on the television.

          So, I started pursuing professional wrestling with a new vigor, training more and more, with the hopes that this would lead to more television work. I used my professional wrestling techniques in the mud to conquer thousands of male opponents. I challenged any man in the audience at my shows to meet me in the pit. I would go "Fearlessly" into the mud every night conquering every size & shape of body and "ego" there was imaginable. It was such an incredible experience to deflate some of the egos of the men who had been my tormentors when I was young and dumb. Some of my opponents included karate champions and famous football and baseball players, and a few wrestling coaches. I always got my pin, (this might be why I have aches and pains all over my 50 yr. old body now), and I never ceased to revel in the complete look of shock and disbelief when my opponent Lost to a "Woman". It was so satisfying with other women in the audience laughing and celebrating the joy of men being made to feel helpless at the hands of A Giantess Amazon.

         I wrestled all over the world in the mud and the professional circuit. I even wrestled a 750 lb. Bear at the Olympic auditorium, and lasted longer than any man had. It was a female Grizzly bear and thank God neither one of us had PMS, or there would have been blood. It was very difficult to find a woman in California to wrestle me. There were very few in the Los Angeles area. Finding a girl big enough to wrestle me was another story. By this time very few men would be brave enough to be humiliated in public. But, I kept pursuing professional wrestling, training in the classes with men, hoping for a break in the business for women. I also pursued Roller Derby. I loved to skate. That took place at the Olympic auditorium also. For years every Wed. night was Roller Derby, every Saturday was pro-wrestling, and the other nights were spent writing and doing the mud show. I made more money in the mud than any other sport, especially when the audience would raise a bid in the neighborhood of $300-$500 to put one of their friends in the mud with Queen Kong. There wasn't much money in the other sports at this time; $25 a game for Derby and $50 a match for pro wrestling. I finally did move up the ladder a bit in time. When I quit professional wrestling I & my business partner, my husband Ken, finally had made it possible to pay a women about 25% of what the men made, instead of just 10%. This took enormous amount of time & energy to fight the wrestling management producers. The matchmakers were all brainwashed to think of women as nothing more than the occasional dessert on the tray, and poorly paid.

          My Professional Wrestling career has spanned 25 years, hundreds of cities, and several countries. I've been to London, South America, Mexico City, Scotland, Japan and Portugal, not to mention all over the United States. I found that female wrestling was more acceptable and entertaining in the foreign countries than in America at the time. There are hundreds of videos, TV shows, and movies out there of me wrestling. If you have any, please let me know. I am especially looking for any of the GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or POWW Powerful Women of Wrestling. There are many magazines of these shows also. If you have any of these, please let me know- I didn't get to see many of these things because I was too busy traveling and performing.

          "GLOW", The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, was my crowning glory of ladies professional wrestling. My partner & I wrote the concept of the show and the music. My Rock & Roll song titled "I Eat Raw Meat" helped to launch the show. I trained many of the girls and I was one of the biggest "Stars" of the show, which is still running in some countries. I was the German red headed Frauline, "Matilda the Hun", the voracious Villianess everyone loved to hate. "GLOW" was a once in a lifetime experience. Never before had the world seen so many beautiful ladies (not on steroids) in the ring. They were of all sizes, ages, and shapes. We had the good girls and the very bad girls. I was the leader of the Bad girls. Some of the good girls were; The Farmers Daughter, Tina Ferrari, Americana, Tammy Jones, the BBW Samoan Mountain Fiji, & little Fiji. My bad girls started with Hollywood & vine, Palestina, Dementia, Chainsaw & Spike etc. etc. Yes, this is the show that Jacqueline Stallone was the manager of the Good girls. The very entertaining BBW "Aunt Kitty" was the manager of the Bad girls.

        These women were very special. They were all multi-talented. Some were body builders, ballet dancers, gymnasts, jazz dancers, cheer leaders, Mountain Fiji was an Olympic shot putter. We combined music with comedy sketch's and some of the best fighting ever done on television by women. We put a new face on the world of female professional wrestling. We put glamour and wonderful theatrical make-up on our girls. We created women super heroes for the first time on television. And we created images of BBWs that were acceptable also. We made the "Gladiators" show possible. I feel that we made the show "Zena" possible. I sometimes call myself "Zena's" mother. We proved that aggressive beautiful women bring in ratings. We were actually kicking the World Wrestling Federation's butt in the ratings. This made Vince McMahan very nervous. Someday in my life story I will reveal the incredibly dirty tricks that evil man played on us to destroy our show. It was a very exciting time of traveling all over the world and being featured on many talk shows, and sit-coms. It was a true phenomenon. Too bad the promoters and producers were so stupid they decided not to pay us. We were forced to walk out and start a new show called POWW (the Powerful Women of Wrestling), out of Indianapolis. This show did not work out either. But, we had a hell of a road show for about 6 months, making it to Madison Square Garden. My dream goal had been achieved. I told myself "The Garden" was the ultimate. So I felt I could close the chapter of life of traveling for professional wrestling at that time. The money and treatment was really pitiful and male dominated. Women were constantly sexually harassed and etc. I did meet some fantastic BBWS that took charge of their size in the ring and that was a real treat. Some of their names are Peggy Lee Leather, Mountain Fiji, & Big Mama. They all showed the world, along with me, that Big Women can move just as athletically & gracefully as the tiny ones.

         I've done over 20 movies, 300 TV appearances, and 20 TV shows. I'm the most famous female wrestler the world had known to that date in time. I was never officially defeated. I still hold the title of Heavyweight Champion of GLOW and the world. During that time I was going on constant acting auditions. I had to constantly battle Hollywood to accept a large woman in roles that were not the ugly Fat lady. I no longer wrestle due to too many permanent injures sustained in the ring and in two serious car accidents.

          I still enjoy performing at times. For about 15 years I performed a show called Slam-A-Grams (a singing telegram with an attitude adjustment), for 15 years in addition to acting and wrestling. I demonstrated how I could "handle" men, and throw my weight around. (Ha ha) What is A Slam-A-Gram? It's a song, a Roast, A Knocker Locker, and then a toast. I performed in offices and restaurants and private homes. First, I appeared out of nowhere dressed quite decadently in my wrestling costume with a low cut animal print leotard and my leather wrestling boots on and leather skirt. I shocked my victim while I put my massive arms around him. Then I would perform a "This is your life" type of Stand-up comedy roast, leaving him wondering where did I get all this funny personal information on him. Id tell him he is about to experience "Love Wrestling" in front of all his friends. Then, I'd turn on my music "Wild Thing" and start to dance. It was totally hysterical. Everyone in the room would be crying tears of laughter to see a man, who might normally be in complete control, completely lose it. I would demonstrate my favorite hold the famous "Knocker Locker" where Id put the man's face between my 55DD's and watch him suffocate, and squirm. Then I'd grind his pelvis for while in a mild form of slam dancing and Id belly bop him a few times. I was always very careful not to break any bones. At the end, I would perform the Great finale', I would gently put my victim down on the ground, (if he was physically capable; I did have milder forms of this show), & I would sit on his chest. And then I'd spank his bottom (fully dressed) and ask any of the women present, such as the girl friend or the wife to help me. It was quite hilarious and unforgettable. We video taped every party. Often they allowed the children to watch my show. It was the funniest party entertainment in the world. I found it very satisfying to perform a show that was demonstrating female strength in a publicly acceptable way, and that could be performed in almost any public arena. I would go to restaurants, homes, offices, and almost anywhere, including the day we stopped the world at the Pacific Stock Exchange downtown. Women were my biggest fans. Wives, mothers, & secretaries were my main customers. I have seen people massaging their jaws because they had been laughing so hard. This show was molded to fit all occasions, from "mild to wild". I no longer perform this show unfortunately. As fun s this was, it became too physically demanding and could be dangerous. Sometimes a mad man from the crowd would jump on my back out of nowhere. So, it was time to get creative with other things, like the Internet business that I am now building.

        I currently only perform occasionally in my independent fantasy video productions. Im very limited on my athletic endeavors. But, I am keeping my spirits up by teaching other BBW's about self-confidence. I am teaching a select few BBWs all about their beauty, strength, and intelligence. I think it is so wonderful the way the FA community has come alive on the Internet and there are more and more women & men coming out of the closet. The men are becoming braver by admitting their love of the well-rounded woman. My partner and I want to develop more talent for our female dominance & wrestling videos. There is absolutely no sex involved with these videos, just fantasies. I hope this does not shock the audience of Dimensions too much. I have been to one NAFA convention. And I found that not too many BBW women were interested in the concept of some of my video productions. The BBW women seem to enjoy being shot in glamorous poses, by themselves, but did not seem to want anything to do with the idea of a man being in the picture. There is a definite shortage of BBW women who will perform in soft-core erotica with men. My adult site is www.queenadrena.com We try very hard not to degrade women. We like the BBW women to find out that there are so many admirers that call themselves "Servants" to the Large Lovely Goddess. I want to teach the BBW women that have the desire to shine, and be in control, the art of "Female Domination". Please do not misinterpret this word. Again I say that there is no sex involved. It is primarily a psychological role playing erotic mind game. If you would like to learn this art, do contact me at 310-518-1522. Or write to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, CA. 90745. There is good pay for being in my videos as well. Some videos just involve walking on men. It is called "Trampling". I am sure this sounds very strange to many of you. But I assure you that everything I do is safe and sane. Some of my videos involve "Squashing & Smothering", where the submissive man wants to feel the womans weight bear down on him. This is an "art" and a very carefully applied sensual & aggressive "sport" in many ways. One must learn the safe ways to inflict their weight on their playmates. This role-play can actually be erotic for the woman if she understands how to indulge in this sport without hurting her boyfriend. I am also developing BBW wrestling videos. These will be for fans of the BBW that want to see us in action. I will teach you how to wrestle safely with men & women, and for fun and profit.

        I would love for any of you BBW women to contact me and attend one of my wrestling or fetish training classes or one of my really fun Trample parties. I do pay you for your training. You can work with me with a mask on. We have a lot of fun. You might find my videotapes educational for you. Currently I am staying at home writing my memoirs. I am preparing my pictures and videos and stories for future downloads to both of my web sites. I wish all of you wonderful BBW Ladies the best. I love the awareness that is growing. If you are reading this dear BBW lady, then I want you to know that there are thousands of men that want to know you and see your beautiful figures no matter how large or out of shape you might think you are. You are not. I get thousands of hits a day on my site and hundreds of e-mails for the ladies from 200 to 600+ lbs. If you want to make contact, you will find those that will support you and admire you and love you. . Feel free to ask for a free catalogue by writing to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, CA 90745. Or call 310-518-1522 (during the hours of 10am-2pm Mon. - Fri Calif. time) Go for it. Love & body Slams, Queenie

In case you might recognize me from television or a movie somewhere in your memory.

Queen Kong's Acting Resume aka Dee Booher




Aka Matilda the Hun




FILM: (Partial List)

TELEVISION: (Partial List)

*GLOW* - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Starring "Matilda the Hun" The Worlds Most  Villianess-Giantess - 4 years in National & Worldwide syndication

Married With Children (Biker Chick)

America's Funniest People

Dream On

Nightcourt - 2 episodes (Trucker & Secretary)

Parker Lewis Cant Lose (Biker Chick)

Saved By the Bell (Karate Woman Instructor)

In Living Color (Jim Carey's Wife)

Nickelodeon "What Would You Do" 6 episodes

Mama's Family (Masked Mable-professional wrestler)

Win Lose or Draw "CELEBRITY GUEST" IO Episodes

Good Morning America- "Celebrity Guest"

Joan Rivers "Celebrity Guest"

Gong Show II Co-Host 14 episodes

MTV-Aerosmith "Love In an Elevator"

ROLLER DERBY - Skated for 5 years years - Chicago Hawks - New York Bombers- Detroit Devils Texas Outlaws- televised nationally