"Caught in the Big Bitches Trample & Smother Trap"

aka "Queenie's Birthday Bash" [QA61]

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    Queenie, Mistress SharonT & Ebonique captured viking boy in their den of Foot Worship, Face walking, Face Sitting, Smothering, Trampling, Squashing, and foot job heaven. We decided to subject viking boy to a full Possession of his mind and body. This is a deliciously wicked experience of full Bitchy whipping, & Trampling, (with no padding). We demonstrate the Objectification of viking boy by using him as Human Furniture; our human couch, our human chair, and our tongue lapping foot cushion. First we tie him up to let him know that he has no choice at all. This turns the Mistress’s on very much. Then we fully whipped his ass with stripes to mark our territory. Viking boy is not into whipping per say, but he endured to prove his strength and desire to please. Then we laid him down flat, walking on his tummy, face, and cock. We threw him on the couch and sat on him full eight there for awhile, smothering and plopping. Then it was on to the crush bench to further subject him to full weight butt drops, and some trampling. While he was on the bench we decided to use an electrical wand to tease his erect cock. This totally freaked our viking boy, but he endured the Mistress’s ministrations to show his obedience and loyalty. He was such a good slave that SharonT and Ebonique decided to masturbate his very erect tool with their feet. This is erotic for a Mistress to feel the power of her feet. Of course, he must lick and clean their feet and heels. This tape is one in collection of great tapes that we make with my number one slave viking boy. He endured what I wanted & put his desires to the side for the Mistress’s pleasure. This is a very different & erotic experience to behold.

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