"Big Bitches Boot Camp" [QA69]

     Introducing "Goddess Diabla" our new Big Gorgeous Hunk of Man Smashing Women- Including the Fabulous Extraordinary "Goddess Ebonique" with Commandant "Queen Adrena" at the helm instructing the merciless lessons of the day. This is a tape that will have further episodes in the future; as we continue to expand our trampling troupes, preparing for Women's World Domination.

     Sergeant of Punishment, "Ebonique" (weighing in at 240 lbs & standing 5'10" in her pumps) was commandeered by the Queen to train Private "Diabla" (weighing in at 350 lbs & standing 5'9" in her low heels - with powerful size 12 feet). On this most unusual day of delicious torment of our two slaves "titty-bear"  & "viking boy", Commandant Adrena wanted to break in our new strong woman to start our plan of taking over the world in 2001 with our Enormous Size, Strength, Beauty, and Power to Squash our all men to smithereens, reducing them to their knees in fear and respect. 

     We threatened our maggot head slave's to obey all of our wishes without fail, else they might have our lethal weapons of our long swords and the Queens machine gun to deal with. Queen threatened to shoot off their balls if they should fail in any way. After all this time of special training they should know their lessons & position perfectly, else pay the price.  [Available in DVD also]

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     Of course we had fun in our Trampling, Foot Worship, Squashing, Smothering, and Suffocating Rituals, as we always do. But this was a special day with Diabla. She is a Fearsome Nubian Goddess, proud of her wide smooth curves. She took quite naturally to many of the Squashing games that Ebonique shared with her. She was a bit unsure of whether she wanted to really kill any of the slaves quite yet. She held back slightly. But even in her newness, one can see a great potential of man eating prowess to be in awe of. 

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