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Queen Adrena's Fetish Videos Presents

$35 + 5

"Stompin & Crushin Boot Camp"

800 lbs.Quadruple Crush & Stompin Party-QwnAdrena, Mistress. Magick, Princess Lolita 5'10" 165 lb, & Princess Galaxy 5'6" 110 lb. It's the very first crush party fpr the young Princess's and Mistress Magick's second. Duke our young friend was getting a boner when we showed him our crushing tapes one day. He begged for us to use him & abuse him with his eyes. But of course he denied wanting it at first. So, we just grabbed our young crush slave boy Duke(he's 5'10" & 190 lb strong boy), & threw him down on the ground & started walkin, stompin, crushin, & piling up as hard as possible. He’s truly strong taking our 800 lbs. with sublime love & surrender, upon his face, tummy, groin,Lots of group ass smothering & face sitting. It’s a Brutal SLAM Dunk!  We had the most wild and wicked time riding him like a horse, foot teasing him, stomping on and walking on his torso, smothering him with all our glorious ass's and panties, We all do some incredible dog piles. He has the potential to keep Up the good work with us. He took his punishment like a true man should. We took all of our frustrations out on him.His shorts stayed quite dripping the entire time. This is a rare treat for sure.

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Princess Galaxy mounts the dog pile

Mistress Magick mounts slave Duke right on his chest- he begs for mercy with this 800lb pile

Princess Lolita rides her horsie Duke

Galaxy mounts her loyal steed

Queen double squishes with sister Magick and her DDD's smother.

Queen shows Galaxy how to stomp his face

Galaxy loved riding his face

Queen loves human furniture chair slave Duke

Magick can't believe he can take her 230 lbs.

Double Stomping Trouble- Duke admires their beauty and dominance from beneath their beautiful feet

Lolita does her very first ass smother -she's quite pleased that a man really enjoys her size

Queen just has to test him to his limits- he passes with stomping colors


Queen never  miss's a chance to throw her weight around

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