Big Buns & Feet Bonanza

"Big Buns Smother Bonanza" [Q30]

Starring the XXXtraordinary Goddess's "Priscilla", "Jen Marie" & "Shelly"

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We started with High Heel Humiliation and Sensual Heel & Foot Sucking Anyone for Kissing of Four Big Beautiful Buns?

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"Shelly",  "Priscilla" , "Goddess Jen Marie"

All the Big Beautiful Goddesses joined in a Big Buns Worship party. Our slaves Loved our Big Buns Bonanza. When the ladies starting throwing their weight around it was true pandemonium. They could not get enough of fucking those little boys faces. First they tried it with the panties on. Then they moved their panties to the side to get their pink pussy flowers deep into the slaveís noses. I encouraged them to try different positions of face sitting power. Forward face sitting is such a joy, that is where you get the clit really stimulated as you grind you pelvic bone on the slaveís face. Then their is reverse face sitting where we bury our Big Bountiful buns in to their lips and noses and entire face. A good ass lick and smother is one of the most exhilarating experiences that a Big Buns Mama can feel. The experience that I wanted the Goddessís to feel was that their weight should be enjoyed by a true Goddess worshipper. I wanted them to know that their are so many admirers of the full figured assís and tummies and meaty mamaís out there in the world.

Our smother boys did their job well, as well they should or else face dangerous peril. The 3 Goddess’s really got into the swapping of  faces and judging the techniques of each little boys tongue on their ass’s and muff’s. This was the most exciting Big Buns Bonanza I have caught on tape yet. These women were dripping with horny hungry demanding thighs, buns and creamy crotch’s. Our Rosebuds were steaming and screaming. I command all of you Smother Lovers to get this tape, You have never seen so much curvacious BBW’s in one room having so much hot juicy fun. Queen joined a little. But she mostly directed and taught the girls how to enjoy their Feminine Supremacy over men caught in their web of Smother and Suffocation Cages of Hot Horny Holy Female Goddess Flesh.... Read more at


Portraits of the Gorgeous Curvy Big Buns Beauties

"Goddess Shelly"

"Shelly",  "Priscilla" , "Goddess Jen Marie"

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