"Glamazon's- United We Stand-Sit & Twist"

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Bunny Glamazon & Queen conquer a small man with lifting, smothering & more

     As we dominated our boy toy, we talked about our favorite games with our subbie males. We both enjoy trampling, face sitting, lifting and throwing, pinning, foot worship, and sometimes whips and chains. Bunny did some very impressive lifts and throws on titty bear. Queen did some lifting. Bunny did one thing that was something I've never seen. She showed one of her moves that she does for her special exotic dancing fans. She lay on the floor & raised her mile long legs, then wrapped her muscular thighs around the sitting slave's head. Then she pulled him up over her head & rolled on her back bringing him face down on the floor. Awesome to see her legs in such powerful restricting control. We both sat on our little male captive on the crush bench. We did some scissors & double scissors, twisting slave like a pretzel. Bunny spanked his little ass good and hard over her lap with her big hand. Her hand is bigger than mine. We compared our arms, heights & shoulder spans. We did a little bit of everything for ours & yours amusement & entertainment. FOR BIGGER & HIGHER QUALITY PICTURES, FULL STORY, & MPEGS OF THIS VIDEO, GO TO WWW.QUEENADRENA.NET 

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