"Colossal Squashathon"

1,835 lbs of Smashing, Bashing, Trampling, Smothering, & Squishing Sensation.  

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                     Slave's facewalk & matt (the sole Brothers) decided to accept our challenge of Squashing the Holy Hell out of their puny bones together in the Heaviest pile-ups, roll ons, face sits, face trampling, tummy trampling and squashing... The most incredible 550 lb Delilah joins in walking full weight on both matt & facewalk- as does the Fabulous Thunder Rose@350 lbs, Queen Adrena@ 320, and Mistress Magick @ 230 & Princess Sadie @ 170 lbs. rounds out the entire Squashing Crew. We piled, We walked, We belly flopped, We rolled them out flat as a pancake. There will be many more pictures & story to come soon. The video is available now. ( 73 min. with a second camera  with angles just for close-ups on the gorgeous butts and bare feet.)  

Queenie Squished cute little Sadie and you must see her take a squashing from the boys also, I will put up pics of that soon. Really busy trying to get these up now for you. let me know how you like this offering of the Ultimate Squash.

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