"Double Date Trample From Hell"

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Lolita & Sadie Have their First True Taste of Trample Blood Sport 

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Princess Lolita & Princess Sadie have their first foot kill- their predatory instincts devour two young men with Merciless Face & Body Trampling

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All Queen's tapes are two hours long with a sampler at the end of other tapes

"DOUBLE DATE TRAMPLE FROM HELL" 65 MIN. - Princess Sadie@170 lb, 5’9" sz 11’s, Princess Lolita @155 lb, 5’9" sz. 10’s meet two young na´ve brothers online who live in Oregon. They invite the brothers for a double date in L.A.. They meet them up at the airport & take them to their house where the young men think they’re going to get laid. But, instead they get teased into imprisonment at the feet & heels of the vicious flesh hungry young women. The girls challenge the boys to a contest to see who will get laid by both girls. The test is to see who will be the "Best Woman Pleaser". Lolita & Sadie strip the boys & hide their clothes, so that they can’t run. Then they demand high heel sucking & high heel trampling that starts out mild & turns to torturous poking. The cat & mouse game continues where the meece’s get torn to pieces.. as they strip down to their sexy lingerie. The Flirtin turns to Hurtin as the girls’ dark side comes out more & more. Lolita & Sadie start jumping on the boys face’s mercilessly & pounding the holy "Hell" out of Wayne & Shane. They are scared, but the girls keep promising a sexy finish, so they endure the non-stop pummeling of their grinding Trampling Feet into their tummies, chest & face. Lolita goes berserk after Shane will not stop tickling her toes. She warns him, yet he continues. So he gets the living shit kicked out of him. The finish is a fantastic double face sitting contest where the girls get their rocks off . They will not let the boys up for air as they fuck their faces into smothering & scissoring oblivion. The boys are just used & abused, yet they want more .. This is the most Brutal Trampling ever done in Queen’s tapes- The sex kittens have grown up & now they are merciless tigers. Mama lion is proud that her trampling cubs. See Lolita get her first taste of blood where her predatory instincts erupt like a violent volcano.

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