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QN28) Doomed by the Dickhead Stompers”  ” Starring: *Mistress SharonT & *Princess Demonica. The 2 pissed off Dommes punished SharonT’s boyfriend severely for his sneaky amorous advances to her daughter Demonica behind her back. They humiliated him with threats of castration of his cock & balls for his dirty tricks. They stomped his wandering dick in the most sadistic tormenting cock & ball smashing you have ever seen. They whipped his ass, they trampled him. They jumped on his cheatin’ bones until he moaned. He was left bruised and battered. They threatened to cut off his dick and stuff it in his mouth if he ever crossed the line again. Mommy SharonT showed the Princess the ropes of how to punish the liars and cheats. They sat on his face and sucked the air out of him until he cried for mercy. This is genuinely brutal & truly sadistic. Demonica decided that he should drink her golden wine for his ultimate degradation. She had been drinking beer all night, then she let the yellow river go, for about 2 minutes. This will be a special part of the tape for those who ask for this version.

(60 min - 60 min of samples from other tapes. $45.00)

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