"530 lb Delilah Gets Sexy" (QA 32 Order) 45 min

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Finally, after a long wait, Delilah’s full 530 lb voluptuous figure is revealed in her beautiful teenie weenie red bikini. She commands her love slave "Danny" on how to worship her Gigantic solid sensual body properly! She demands the kissing of her bare feet with red painted toe nails. She guides his worshipping face to her unbelievably large legs. Then her humongous & firm thighs captivate his adoration. She shoves his mouth into her sexy aromatic panties. Then her gargantuan hips hypnotize his mind. The ebony Delilah smothers & squashes "Danny’s" puny little body as he disappears in the Gigantic full sensual Splendor of her Firm Folds of Flesh. You will wish to be the one being compressed in her chocolate heavy heaven. She poses very provocatively, as she has never before. This is one of her real boy friends, so you will see how she is for " real" as a Dominant  Love Goddess. She looks especially titanically tempting in her revealing lingerie. Her Assets are Enormously Exciting.

        She’s weighed on two scales & measured with an extra large tape measure also. You will be very impressed with her extraordinary Dimensions . Danny loves to measure his puny legs and thighs first, then compare her to his little size. You will enjoy lots of Size comparisons of legs, thighs & asses. This tape is really unique & sexxxy.

It Took two scales to weigh the Big Beautiful Delilah in at 530 lbs. She lost 20 lbs in the last 3 months- bummer for you supersize fans!! But, there is still plenty to love.

        There is no one like Delilah in the world of "Supersize" Women. She is so incredibly Solid. And she is extremely strong. She is lifting over 550 lbs. every time she just gets up from her seat on to her feet. Her grace and strength is truly the most unique I have seen in the supersize world. She loves to really throw her weight around. Of course, we want her to squish samson again soon. In the tape titled "Women in Black - 1,050 lbs. Trample Attack" , she gets downright mean with her trampling and punching of "facewalk".