Ebony Delilah 550lbs.of Crush


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Queen Adrena’s "Real" Fetish & Fantasy Video’s

"Black Delilah's 550 lbs of Crush"

 35 min. $35. plus $5. shipping and handling  slave samson submits to the Largest, Hugest, most wide bodied woman in Queen's collection. Delilah sits on samson in every possible chest & face smothering & crushing position possible. She is shy at first, unsure that a man like samson really loves her ass spreading from his face to his groin in her side saddle pose. He has to reASSure her that he adores every pound for pound as she squishes him down flat as a pancake. She wore black tight black leggings & a loose lace top- next time she will reveal bare legs and tummy

 Delilah has really grown since this video. She is now a full fledged Dominant Squashing Goddess who loves to  throw her weight around. See her other videos.


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