Goddess  Santana aka Empress Santana has her own Web site And you can contact her directly:

Her e-mail is Empress Santana


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Here's A letter That I feel describe the very Beautiful and Talented Empress Santana ( Sincerely, Queen Adrena)

I just wanted to make a few comments about Santana. Yes, she is the beauty from Steel Kittens and so on. I visited her web site with enthusiasm. We made contact and set up an appointment at 7:00. She showed up around 7:10. When she walked in the door, I'd never been so intimidated in my life. Santana isn't just pretty, she is drop dead gorgeous. I was nearly paralyzed when she came in and I started blushing when she came out of the bathroom in her wrestling attire.

Indescribable is how she looked. I'd never seen a body look so good, even your fitness models, in my life. She lied to me telling me she's just gifted with physical genes. She is definitely physically gifted, agile, and athletically inclined. There's no way she doesn't work out at least five times a week. Well, I asked wanted a submission match with her and that's exactly what I received. I moaned and groaned while she smiled making worship her perfect feet. Santana has a excellent repertoire of jujitsu submission holds and her legs are so well defined and strong, you feel like someone is sticking elbows into both sides of your neck when she cranks up her scissors. She was nice enough not to overdue many of her submission hold, of how many I can't count, and respected my limits. She also works as a dom and I can see how she intimidates men. She ended up being very pleasant, fun, and respectful the whole time. I would highly recommend her for a match of any kind.


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