"Enveloped in The Abyss of Smothering Glamazon's" [QA58]

(1,720 lbs) of Earthquake Mamas: Queen Adrena 330lb, Kali 400lb, Cinnamon, 300lb Sugar 270lb, Ebonique 240lb, SharonT 180lb. No one leaves alive from the Amazon's Awesome abyss. The small male slave christened "smooshie" is held prisoner in smother, & squashland. The Gulf of Glamazon's are a Tidal Wave of Strong Female Flesh that smothers and splashes this slender 5'7" male for the longest time period that any one man has endured the Glamazon group of Massive Mounds of molten Flesh. The slave is drowned in a Sea of Deep Smother Gorge. He's Swallowed in a pit of Amazon bodies as they never let him up for air. This is a wonderful pressure fetish experience added to some Fantastic Incredible smothering. 50 min.

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