"Family Foot Affair" [QA64]

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     Queen Adrena invited her very dear friend from the mud Wrestling Days to Party with her and she wanted to bring her daughter to have a   wild kinky time together. I said "Sure, Ruby, any daughter of yours is a daughter of mine. If she want Mama and Mama Queenie to show her the foot fetish and smothering ropes, the so it shall be."

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We had a blast showing the young Princess how to get Kinky in the Foot Fetish way. Aurora is the new Princess's name and her lovely Mother is Mistress Ruby. Ruby is not stranger to kinky sex play. But she is new to being tutored by the Queen for Video Fetish Play and she has never been inducted into the official world of Fetish sports by the Queen. We mud wrestled together many years ago and then reunited in Poww ladies of Wrestling tour for  a short while.

     We had a truly deliciously wicked time with slave titty bear. We just had to whip his little ass, because it gets the newbie Mistress's in a lather. They feel their Female Dominance this way. In the beginning they need this display of obedience and submission before we start the Foot Fetish Rituals. Then of course we demanded lots of toe and sole licking, along with high heel sucking. Ruby & Aurora trampled titty bear in their spike high heels and in their bare feet as well. It was delightful to behold. The look of wonder and fascination on both of their face was a trur joy to behold. Queenie loves sharing her Feminine Mystique with other women whenever she can.

     Ruby & Aurora loved walking on titty bear. Little man titty bear is truly strong and obedient. He loves the challenge of proving he can take almost any weight on his small Adonis body. He had never had his ass tanned quite as strongly as the young Princess enjoyed delivering. Aurora is a natural dominant for sure. Her big cheshire cat grin was prominant on her face. I could see that she was believing in her power more & more. Aurora is a little chubby, she is 5'8" 160 lbs. She has a nice rack on her chest of 36DD's. He skin is a gorgeous fair rosy color. She looked so innocent at the age of 22, just barely. I loved her young enthusiasm and thirst for male suffering, ha ha.

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     Her mother has passed down a good healthy appreciation of sex in all of its fascinating colors. Both the mother & daughter were somewhat embarrassed to be seen in the same room, performing such wicked things together. It was Taboo and delicious to see it happening. The young daughter kept saying, Mom, don't worry I have seen you do more than this when I peaked at you when you would bring a lover home. Ruby laughed but I could see that she was fighting a bit of a moral dilemma.

Queenie wanted to show them some delicious smothering rituals also. You should know your Queen by now. She believes that all women should have human thrones of male faces to keep them relaxed and amused at all times. And so Ruby and Aurora tried their ass cheeks in the smothering on the couch, then onto the famous smother bench that Queenie has designed for comfort while sitting. They enjoyed their sitting very much. In face little titty bear had a hunger for tasting their pink rosebud asses and pussy flowers if he could get his tongue past the crotch of their bikini panties. At times he did slide his tongue inside of their hot crevices, I could tell his butterfly technique that I have been teaching him was amusing them.

    I wanted for the new Mistress's to experience a foot job. So we laid titty bear down and took his thong down to expose his erect weenie. Queenie poured some delicious strawberry oil on his cock and the dyunamic duo started stroking the organ with their toes. Aurora was quite amused with slipping the slave's cock inside her big toe and second toe.She was a natural. Mother Ruby took over and showed her the mother knows best with her very talented feet. She grabbed the schlong in between both of hot smooth soles and made that organ expand even more. slave titty bear wanted to pop, but we wanted him to suffer a bit. so we toyed, and teased for a nice long while. He was not allowed to spurt until much later. Great fun was had by all.

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Videography by : Krazy Ken

Photography:  Casper

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