This List is for the "Erotic Foot Fetishist & Trample Lover" for Medium to Small Girl's Combined with Queen Adrena or Other Big, Medium & Small Combinations.

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Trample Olympics


Queenie's Human Furniture Store

Captured in Big Bitches Smiother Trample Trap

Succumb to Giantess Footdom


Giantess Trample Train


Family Foot Affair



Big Bi-Girls Luv Rasslin on mattress viing boy


Trample School Re-Union

Giantess's Smother & Trample Orgy

"Iron Balls Collides with the 867 lb Wrecking Crew" Queen, Amazon Ariel, & Ebonique Trampled mercilessly for the longest uninterrupted time, our little man with Iron Balls.

In the Buff Face Fuck She trampled him, demanded lots of foot & high heel worship. some heels, she punched him, whipped him,  & then ultimately used him for her fuck face.


Amazon's 567 lb Assimilation of Iron Crotch Queen & Ebonique - dynamic duo Assimilate slave's face into our anals.

Terrifying Topless Trampling Terrorists Mistress's Sharon, Shelly, & Santana. Queen & Sharon kidnapped a captive 


In the Nude Squash Mood 550 lbs of Titanic Tits & Colossal Asses Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla capture Samson in their secret Lair of Nude Squash Rituals.

Viking Boy's DeFeet  Amazon Ariel & Sweet Feet have a contest to see who can be the Best Body Squasher, Trampler, and Face sitter. Simply Smashing!

Kinky Virgin Kyla Loses Her Cherry- In the Torrid Temple of Trample & Squash - Queen Adrena invited Princess Kyla

Mat Man's Mashacre by Mistress SharonT Mistress SharonT uses & abuses her slave mat man exquisitely. Heel torture, trampling, face sitting & teasing experience

Rug Man's Demise Savage Santana, & Mistress  apply some really brutal head scissors and trample the little man until he cries.

Mighty Mouse Visits Foot &Thighland- (Queen, Ebonique, Sadie) Great Foot Worship, some trampling, Nice Foot Job!

10k 2nd Annual Facewalk Party- 1,165 lbs of women Trample, Squash, and Smother over 9 men  Brutal & Sensual

Women In Black- 1,50lb. Trample Attack -Queen, Delilah & Sweet Feet teach the con artist "facewalk" a lesson in some heavy trampling and squashing.

Big Buns Smother Bonanza This has some incredible foot & heel worship with  Goddess's "Priscilla", "Jen Marie", & "Shelly". It also has alot of smothering, scissors & face sitting .


Complete Product
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Strictly Foot Fetish

(Queen & slave zorro)



The Bride & The Doomed

(Mst. Jewels & slave eddie)


Double Date Trample From Hell

(Sadie & Lolita)


Mother In Law Trample-

(Queen & Jewels)



Rhonda's Return to Footdom

(Princess Rhonda with Queen)



Foot Stomping Odyssey

(Queen & Little Mika)



Sadie's Sexxy Footdom

(Sadie & Tramplee)



Heel Poke Penance

(Queen & Galaxy)



5 Card Stomp the Stud

(Queen, Galaxy, Sadie)



Gang Foot Bang

(Queen, Magick, Lolita, Galaxy)



Kamasutra Foot Love

(Galaxy aka Star)


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