"Foot & Ass Gasms"

"Starring Mistress Reyna"

 by Queen Adrena

Queen & Reyna celebrated this special evening by drinking some expensive Champagne. With slave tb at our feet, we relaxed as he filled our champagne glasses. The Queen told many stories of previous slaves and explained how to train this slave for her amusement and his total subjugation. Reyna continued her very erotic foot worship games. Then she decided that she had always wanted a slave to drink from her high heel. He was commanded to drink some of her Champagne from her patent leather pumps. It was totally exotic to have her slave drink from her beautiful shiny pumps that had been worn all day by her. The sweat and sweet feet aroma's combined with the intoxicating aroma of hot leather had slave tb panting for more. Mistress Reyna demanded her nylon clad thighs, to be kissed and her ass to be adored underneath her short skirt as well. She was totally in her dominant element.

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We decided then to strip slave tb down to his briefs. We then tied him to the metal ring in the ceiling for his further subjugation and control lessons. With his hands above his head and his ankles chained together in the leather cuffs we put on his ankles and wrists, he was at our complete mercy. First we whipped him sensuously. We poked and prodded his body all over his ass & nipples, and cock & balls. Queen brought out a delightful miniature cock leash to attach to his throbbing cock. We pulled it out of his shorts and tied it to the small chain and leather sling. Mistress Reyna was delighted to see how a slave can enjoy his cock being controlled in this way. She pulled the cock leash between her legs and rubber her nice firm rounded buttocks against his balls and tummy. She did the Rump rumba all over his tied body, making him desire her more. We blindfolded the slave to make him desire her touch even more. Slave did not know when we would titillate him with our whips or pinch his buns, or pull on his cock leash. He was in a total submissive state of mind now. He was clay to be molded for Mistress Reyna's further pleasures. Read more after joining Queens special web site.....

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