"The Fresh Richie is Taught Manners with Queen's Scissoring & Face Sitting " (A Dominant Wrestling & School Boy pin Fan's Delight)

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The Beautiful Goddess Adrena is so kind as to let Richie visit her in her hotel room in New York City for a little innocent date. He sat next to her on the bed for a little cuddling and necking. Richie has been Queen’s admiring fan for many years. Queen is dressed provocatively in her short silver skirt with a beautiful lace bra and nice lace panties underneath. Richie can't help it. He looks at the Goddess’s beautiful legs underneath her skirt and he gets fresh, running his hand up the Goddess’s short skirt, (without asking permission), actually touching her Smooth beautiful nude thighs and he even tried reaching for her panties.

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The Goddess in not in the mood for sex, though. So she had to throw her lovely arms around the impudent Richie, & wrestle him down to the bed on his back. She has to sit on him with her full weight, keeping his face squished between her smooth beautiful nude thighs. Her skirt is too short, it goes all the way up to her waist. Then the Goddess, while still holding Richie’s wrists down, slowly, & deliberately opens and closes her big strong nude thighs over his face, while she’s taunting him and teasing him. Richie is forced to look right up into the Goddess’s pretty, warm, white panties. Poor little Richie promises that he's not going to get fresh anymore. But.....

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But of course, the play goes on as with the cat & mouse. Queenie grabs Richie by the throat to choke a little sense into him sometimes. And sometimes she applies different pins, such as teh ever popular "school boy pin". The Queen loves to tease the fresh Richie, knowing that he will try to reach for her panties, her thighs, or her breasts every time she is near his Roaming hands. And when she walks right in front of his naughty hands, swishing her seductive ass, her reaches for her smooth cheeks, then Queen grabs him for some more seductive punishment and manners lessons. And every time her breasts accidentally spill out of her bra, she does not really stop it, but she preys on Richie’s desires to be seized and squeezed. She devours his hungry flesh with her dominant playful control. Queen rubs her velvet skin all over the fresh Richie, but he is not allowed to touch back unless she tells him to. This is the manners that Queen taught Richie. A man mush always take the lead of the dominant woman. Let her guide you into what pleases her. A strong beautiful Amazon & wrestling woman likes to be flattered but not fondled unless she is in the mood.

The Queen continues her manners lessons on Richie's flattened body on the bed. She torments him and teases him with her anaconda head scissors. She breast smothers him and she rides his face good in her favorite school boy pin many times. She inflicts alot of face sitting moves. Richie is in Heaven. He loves it when the Queen turns into the Tigress that plays with its prey. Finally, after a good 40 minutes of non stop action, Queenie decided its time to play with Richie's male organ that has grown full. So she has him suck her breasts while she reaches inside of his shorts to play with her male tool. This is a great tape for Queenie's dominant wrestling fans.  

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Videography by Krazy Ken