"Mistress Furbella's Footdom & Assitude" [QN8]

Call me Goddess or Else!!   

    Mistress Furbella had heard of Queen Adrena's reputation as a legendary Dominatrix for many months from her girl friend that works as a photographer for the Queen. Queen loves to meet all different types of dominant women, as long ass they possess the qualities of a truly dominant, creative & playful spirit.

     Mistress Furbella, a lovely, slender, strong, & lithe young lady, came to visit the Queen after a proper introduction was made. She had been invited by the Queen to train one of Queen's house pets. Furbella is very imaginative. She stands 5'8" in her bare feet. She has lovely size 9 feet. She is experienced with wrestling men into submission.  And she loves to conquer a slave's mind & body by demanding proper foot & ass worship.       

fuev-stnd3.jpg furb-ahlpk2.jpg furb-ahls-cch.jpg furb-aqf-beg2.jpg furb-assw.jpg
furb-asw3.jpg furb-bhlw-5.jpg furb-fbftw1.jpg furb-heel-gnts.jpg furb-cscis01.jpg
furb-cscis2.jpg furb-csitside.jpg furb-stand1.jpg furb-psw3.jpg furb-heelpk2.jpg

 Queen & Furbella worked together to tie up the slave with his wrists to his ankles, leaving him very vulnerable and helpless to any kicks or ass swats that we decided to dish out. Queen could see that slave TB was still skeptical that this waif like Mistress could actually break him down. He dared to tell her she was too small. She made him pay over and over again for that remark. She was determined and skillful with her kicks into his buttocks, and the paddling of his ass with her leather paddle. She was wearing a short leather skirt with stacked 5" stiletto black patent leather heels. She stomped all around his subdued body verbally chastising the impudent little shit, and poking her heels into his mouth, demanding heel worship. She let him know that she was a woman with a mission to conquer and be satisfied.   

Furbella made the little slave yelp and beg for mercy several times with her spanking and kicking.  She kept him tied while she trampled his tummy in her dangerous spike heels. She also blindfolded her slave so that he would not know what she was going to do next. She pulled his shorts down to expose his bare ass and spanked it with a leather paddle. He cried for mercy from his hot pink bottom throbbing from the sting of her hand and paddle. Then she gave him deep throat with her stilettos demanding he suck deeper and deeper. She walked on him some more, showing him that a slender Mistress can command respect also.

     Furbella marched across his flattened body on his tummy and face as she dug her heels into his chest, crotch & face. Mistress Furbella's mission was to make a believer out of the smart-ass slave, so she teased and taunted with her high heels. She said,  "If you want mercy slave, then you better start calling me Goddess!" She trampled him for a very long time, placing her 140 lbs on his chest, his crotch and his face with her heels. Slave tb finally surrendered. He was now a Furbella believer. He was calling her Goddess over and over again. He was under her dominant spell and going deeper and deeper.

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