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Queen Adrena's Real Fetish Videos

Giantess Fruit Squish Salad

video is 70 min. ($35. + 5 shipping)

.Web Mistress e-mail  your cc#, expiration date and address and title of tape or write to QK POB 5050 Carson, CA. 90745 call 310-518-1522

Watch out Tiny Men, the Big Squashing Amazon's Will Cream you Between their pinching toes. Fruit Salad will never be the same. You haven't lived until you have had your mouth fed firm strawberies from the Goddess's Toes.

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Ariel's size 13's Smash his face in place. Sweet Feet's sz 10's know how to squish , and to plunder

Welcome Matt

Viking Boy becomes a Fruit Bowl. with Banannas, strawberries, Kiwis, & chocolate. He had to Eat off their Feet


Apply Banana to crotch of one Squish slave, and rub feet Firmly into flesh, making a delicious mess.

Apply Chocolate to Toes, Add Strawberries & have chocolate dipped fruit with succulent toes
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Sweet Feet relaxed in the early evening as viking boy lapped her chocolate soles& Toes

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Video Photography by "Krazy Ken"

Stills by "Casper"

Close-Up Video by "3D Richie"

Digital Stills by Mind Grind

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