“Giantess Testosterone Terminators”  [QN25]

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Queen Adrena 6’3” 300 lbs & Bunny Glamazon 6’3” 220 lbs are secret agents from outer-space. Their mission-to Terminate evil male Testosterone Tyrants. 2 FBI agents chased them. The Glamazon’s captured them, brain-washing & dominating them with their secret weapons of super pheramone- hormones; breath vapor, arm pit perspiration, & panty pussy power, rendering the men completely passive. With their full weight trampling, horsie riding, pressure & squish games & strict head scissors, they exorcized the men of their testosterone poison. They traded many pressure filled face-sitting & crushing rides. We stood on their chests, & backs. Bunny jumped. We sat on them, smothering & flattening them, demanding delicious ass worship. We kept our  neutralizing aromas exuding. We took them outside to see if they passed the test. They failed. We were forced to shrink them into tiny men. Then we stepped on them, killing them, grinding them with our heels & squishing them as flat as a bug. (55 min-) Shopping Cart 

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