"Giantess Trample Fest  2,330 lbs. of Woman All Over You!!"

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by Queen Adrena & Friends  2  full Hours Tape $35. plus $5. shipping . There is a full 65 minutes on the main camera, and then 50 minutes of nothing but legs and feet and butts and close-up, including the girls wrestling.

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I thought the 10 K Facewalk party was wild. But this party was the ultimate experience in Foot Worship, Facesitting, Head Scissors, Squashing, & never ending Face walking & Trampling put together in the most unique and diversified group ever seen at any Fetish Party in my 25 years experience. First, we had the 550 lb. Size 8 feet "Delilah" there, who is the ultimate supersize Mama in the Trampling & Squashing scene. Then there was the 6'3" 320 lb. with size 11's, "Queen Adrena" in her Amazonic splendor. Joining her was the supersize beauty "Thunder Rose"@ 350 lb. with size 9's. The wonderful Amazon "Sweetfeet" @ a firm & trim 220 lb. with gorgeous size 10's was there, along with her friend the tiny mighty "Scarlet"@ approximately 130 lb. size 7's. The beautiful buxom Goddess Mystress Magick was our hostess at the mansion, she is looking fabulous @ 230 very firm lbs. & size 9 & . The Princess's Sadie & Lolita who weigh the same and have the same size 10 feet, 5'9" 150 lbs. were there dressed in some very sexy outfits. The rest of us dressed in cute little bathing suits like we were at a pool party and the men at our feet were the pool, and last but not least in any way was "Ebonique" our new Squash Gal, she is a gorgeous Ebony Giantess standing 6' in her high heels, weighing in at a gorgeous buxom 230 lbs. with beautiful well groomed size 11's.

In attendance for the male tramplees, were the famous, fabulous, & strong "Facewalk", "Matt", "Ringer", & "Tramplee", ( all from the 10 K), and we had a lot of new faces. All of our new faces included a tall skinny but tough young man called "Stepbrother", Then we had the tall beefcake "Lashes", then there was the very handsome "Rug boy" with a very trim but tough tummy , then there was the cute "Carpet boy", and there was little "Footsie", a small but cute & cuddly young man. All of the boys and men were so flexible and strong, they all held there own with every size of woman. They carried us well in the sea of men where all of them laid on the mat face and tummy sunny side up and we all walked on them (including Delilah). Of course the heavyweights were extra careful with our new boys who looked fragile but were actually quite tough. All of the men were there from our web sites devoted to trampling and foot worship. All of us women felt complete adoration from the very devoted and strong men. Of course, we relied on "matt", and "facewalk" to carry the Heaviest loads of me, Delilah, and Sweet Feet, Magick, and Ebonique. But all the girls enjoyed having their feet kissed and adored and they really enjoyed sitting on all those handsome young boys laps throughout the evening. Of course, we love standing on "Facewalk" so much, he can take the most weight we believe, his sole brother "Matt" runs a close second. They each have their different strengths. "Facewalk" loves facewalking and can take a phenomenal amount of weight on his face, throat, tummy, torso and crotch. Matt loves all of that also, but I believe he loves the body envelopment more, where we do the squashing, and smothering. Matt loves heels digging into the family jewels also. I love the smothering and scissors a lot. I love to walk on tummies the best, there is something about the connection with my succulent soles that is very erotic.

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We played so many games and did so many different things. We played steam rolling mamas starting with Delilah rolling all over the laid out men, with each girl rolling the men out flat, taking turns following the girl in front. We rolled and squished them flat, after we had trampled them flat for awhile. Then we tried group head scissors, then group face sitting. Then we tried group tummy trampling, & sitting & squashing. With all nine ladies and 9 men we had something going on the matt , the crush bench, or the couch at all times. It was a non stop play party. There were all kinds of pile ups in different formations of the ladies. "Lolita" & "Sadie" were the belles of the trample ball. They pranced and danced and jumped and squished. They did cart wheels on the men and summer salts all over the men and boys, using their bodies as their play ground. The more they trampled and squashed and face sat, the more they wanted to do more. All of us ladies tried to keep up with these two, but they were on fire. They had the young men panting like dogs at their feet. It was so cute to see the young girls play right next to the mature Goddess's having there way with the men they chose to sit on & physically encapsulate. There was never an empty lap or chest or face. The Goddess "SweetFeet" had her way with the men teasing them with her beautiful curves and feet. All of the men loved her, but she made the young men swoon right along with Sadie & Lolita. The beautiful full figured 30 ish"Ebonique" loved grabbing all these supple male bodies and using them for her pleasure, having the boys & men alike adore her firm well endowed curvaciousness and beautiful feet. Of course Magick is so experienced with the trampling now that she was the graceful gazelle that she usually is, running around teasing the boys and men with her very long finger nails and with her nurturing teasing ways of body squashing and she loves doing belly flops. So she got the girls all to do belly flops on all the boys with her gargantuan ta ta's spilling sometimes from the bathing suit. All of us ladies had non stop sensuous foot worship and adoration in between our trampling scenes. I will never forget this experience, and I don't think anyone else will either. 

There is so much on this tape I might have to release two tapes. There's is so much erotic crushing going on, with Magick and Ebonique digging their high heels into Matt's jewels, and Sadie and Lolita doing some very enticing face sitting and teasing with their very sexy panties and young bosoms. They were in such teasing dominant mode, I have never seen them sparkle so dominantly. There is something that makes a woman feel so sexy and powerful when she can walk all over the men and they just love your size no matter what it is. They just love female power. And there was a lot of that in the room that night. We all  connected in a surreal magical realm of powerful play and female aggression. The mysterious erotic play was unleashed to the max.

We had some anonymous female visitors who were curious but did not want their picture taken. They tried out the trampling on matt & facewalk. It was real hoot to see the amazed look on their faces when they realized that they could mount the men's chests without a grimace from the men at all. The anonymous young attractive women only weighed 160lbs. tops. They thought they were big, ha ha. Then we had "Tramplee" jump into the arena and give Sadie and Lolita a hard time. Lolita & Sadie just slammed him down and starting jumping full weight on his face and tummy, it was truly brutal and awesome, and very exciting. All of the new face boys & men put there hands up after that demonstration and said - "Me next?" We took delicious breaks in between shooting for eating a nice feast of deli meats and cheeses and french bread. And then the girls sat on top of their male boy toys and had their feet kissed and legs worshipped while they ate. There was never a man that was above any woman that night. I felt I had shared the thoughts of men being nothing more than human furniture very well. All parties definitely loved the idea. After the taping ended, the party kept going. The women and girls grabbed the boys and commanded them to keep servicing their feet & massaging their necks & legs & etc. I was a happy Trample mother. I felt everyone had a fabulous trampling and squashing time. It showed me that this is a lifestyle and has a future very much. I can see more couples getting together and playing the trampling game. The trampling game and squashing rituals all are so different according to each individuals taste and physical needs along with each one's different mental & emotional make-up. Most trample men have erogenous zones in their tummies and crotch of course. But the intense ones have a throat suffocation erogenous zone( breath deprivation is intoxicating to some). Then there are those that enjoy the feet period (the soles, the toes, & etc.), in whatever way they can participate in worshipping them. Then there are the pressure fetishist's. They want as much pressure as they can get on their entire body. "Facewalk" is one of those people. He is the happiest when he under the most pressure from evenly distributed weight all across his body. When the 550 lb Delilah steps on him, he is under true love. Matt is also like this, he loves the pressure, but he loves the squashing from the woman's ass a little more evenly distributed across his chest and tummy, he is a butt and legs man for sure. I find it all fascinating. And it is like sport at the parties. It is like a jazzercise class in a way, except the dance floor is filled with men that want to be danced on.

This was a most special tantalizing evening. Most people cannot fathom trampling as a fun & intoxicatingly erotic thing. It is like dancing in a way. We do the ballet of female power that envelopes males power and we join forces and our spirits dance, leaving the encumbrance of the physical behind. There is definite magic in the trample & squash rituals. There is a release of the suppressed female energy along with love & support for our strength and size. We women in turn extract the best out of the male energy. Their energy is released to be molded and squished into our erotic beings. We connect in ways that only the experience can describe. It is truly amazing and Fun and Joyous and Awesome, and Fearsome. The mystery of the line between life & death is explored and embraced. So, do order this tape it is truly  a once in a lifetime experience. I may not have a party this size again. I am thinking of doing only smaller parties. after this. It was really difficult to make sure everyone was safe and to get it video taped and planned and it is really expensive to produce. So help out the cause and order this tape, it would really help. Thanks- Queenie

I want to extend a special thank you to the wonderful Human Being "Facewalk", He has been a good friend and because of his enthusiasm and passion and idea to start this Trample Fest thing we have all made new friends and accepted this as an alternative lifestyle. It is really fun and a magical experience to behold. He is also a Knight in shining armor for taking Delilah home to Palmdale, making her experience a lot easier than riding the train.


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