"Giantess Smother, Squash & Trample Orgy" 1,420lbs. for a complete slide show 

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    See the blossoming Mistress’s metamorphosis  into what is one of the most unique of all that Queen Adrena has brought into the world of Female Physical Empowerment over male subjects.

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    In this tape we have the Goddess’s admininstering erotic face sitting, head scissors & full bare breast smothering. This turns into an orgiastic explosion of ecstatic Squash & Trample of extremely high energy excitement.  Mistress Cinnamon who is 5’10" 290 solid voluptuous lbs, with size 11 feet. Her measurements are 46DD-42-48. Our other newbie is her room-mate Mistress Sugar is 5’11’, 270 voluptuous lbs, with size 10 feet. And Mistress Minnie. She is 5'6" 105 lb, size 7 feet. Then of course we have Mistress Sharon T @ 180 voluptuous lbs. sz. 9 & 1/2 ft, Goddess Ebonique @ 250 lbs. sz 9 & 1/2 ft.

    We started out on the crush bench in the party. Queen @325 lbs. applies her lethal head scissors to "titty-bear" and then we all climb on board to smash the little strong man to smithereens. We took turns on all 3 slaves . Duke got his pounding and pummeling . And so did viking boy. You have never seen so much Pussy Power in one room before in your life. We were laughing and jumping on all them slave's. We were demanding non-stop face sitting, horsie rides, and trampling on the carpet.

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    We rode them all like horses. We walked on them unendingly as human carpets. We sat on their faces and rode them into orgiastic waves of joy and pounding. There was (1,420lbs) of women thumping, jumping, and bumping. We piled and we smiled. We steam rolled our human furniture. We sat on them on the couches. We scissored their heads in our guillotine thighs.  

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 It's a full 2 hours including a sampler of other tapes with the Queen's Gang.  These two tapes are without a doubt the finest Trample & Smother tape series we have ever made including Big Strong Beautiful Sensual women.

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Videography by "Krazy Ken"