"Homewrecking Man Beating Bitches"[QN7]

      Mistress Kyla’s flight to Vancouver had been delayed, so she decided to hang out at her boyfriend Facewalk’s house to kill some time. She had only been there for a moment before Reyna walked in the door. Both of the women were shocked to see one another. Reyna & Kyla angrily turned on one another, cussing each other out. Kyla and Reyna didn’t know that they both had been dating the same little punk loser. They pulled each other's hair, pushed and yelled at each other, and then they both turned on Facewalk. These women were PISSED OFF! They really kicked his cheating ass. They pulled his shirt off, and his pants down to render him helpless, as they threw him smack down on the carpet.

    Kyla and Reyna jumped on him, stood on his face and trampled the holy hell out of him. Kyla kept her sneakers on and stood on Facewalk’s nose, grinding her toes into his face. They stomped and kicked him. And they threw some hellatious punches right into his stomach, and balls. They really beat the crap out of him. The little bastard kept farting because there was so much weight on his stomach. This just made Kyla angrier and so she beat him even harder than before. They really let out all of their aggressions on his face and body. He was bruised and red and in horrible pain because Kyla and Reyna would not let up even for an instant.

    As both the ladies were sitting on their cheating prey, they realized that they still had a score to settle. They started wrestling each other while on top of him. Reyna pinned Kyla and then Kyla pinned Reyna and she was thrown over Kyla’s mighty shoulder! What a brutal scene! They slammed onto Facewalk's helpless body with some nasty butt flops, pounding and grinding into him. Kyla even shoved her sweaty socks into Face Walk’s dirty little mouth.

    Then all three of the wild, angry women joined in the most Brutal beating that you have ever seen. They beat him black and blue in every imaginable way. They threw him against the ground and the wall..... Read more more detailed story at www.queenadrena.net   Available on DVD also *

ar-stnd2.jpg asneakers01.jpg asquish01.jpg astand02.jpg bellyflop02.jpg
gigantess02.JPG choke02.jpg facesit01.jpg facewalk01.JPG headlock.jpg
grip01.jpg pile03.jpg hair.jpg pile04.JPG pile06.jpg
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