"In the Buff Face Fuck With Princess Kyla & slave pony boy"

     This was "Princess Kyla's" graduation night at Queen Adrena’s Fetish Academy for Trampling, Whipping, Foot & High heel Worship, & the ultimate in Face-Fucking & Smothering. This was her finest performance with pony boy. Kyla & pony boy really connected as true slave & Mistress from the very first moment they met. Kyla was a little shy at first, but she turned into a tiger this evening. Pony boy's total devotion for her was quite passionate. Pony Boy was our very first & last slave together during this little kinky vacation. Kyla showed the Queen that she had enjoyed learning her kinky games of control. She tied pony boy up right away. It really gets her juices flowing when he is tied and she can whip him before she does anything else. She had quite an enjoyable time teasing him with her gigantic breasts, demanding his sucking lips on her ivory watermelons, in between strokes of the whips across his firm buttocks. She loves marking her private property. This was her private property slave after all. (80 min)

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While Pony boy was tied up, Kyla took him up on a dare to kick him as hard as she wanted in his torso & tummy. And he dared her to punch him as hard as she wanted. You guessed it, he also asked her to whip him as hard as she wanted on his ass. He wanted to see her full aggressions come out. Queenie showed her how to punch and kick like a pro. She did give him some tough blows. It is fun to see. Pony boy loved it. Kyla packs a good solid punch and kick.  

Princess Kyla eventually put him on the ground as her carpet man.  She had really learned to enjoy applying her 230 lbs confidently on his back and his tummy with her trampling feet, and even sometimes on his face. He adored her feet and would offer his tongue for her foot pleasure at any time. She deep throated his mouth with her entire bare foot & high heels. There's some incredible foot & heel worship in this tape. He loved having her ride him as a horse also. He was a proud carrier of the full bodied young Princess. She rode him side saddle & regular style all around the room easily. She wore high heels this evening, using them quite provocatively, demanding that pony boy take them deep throat. Then she walked on him with her heels poking full weight into his back, & tummy. She soon peeled off the red hot leather teddy. Mistress Kyla really enjoys her nudity. She pranced around in nothing but her heels and a smile. She sat on him full weight and non stop, on the couch while receiving lots of foot, breast & ass worship.


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Kyla then took pony boy to the crush bench where she laid on him full weight, sat on him like a chair and then sat on his face in every possible smothering & face fucking position imaginable. She crushed him with all of her weight. She did not hold back one ounce in her joy ride on his face. She squeezed his face tightly in between her thighs and rubbed her sweet blond muff into his nose deeply. She started moaning and quivering, then she exploded in a gigantic orgasm all over his face quite decadently at the end. She tried to get pony boy's manhood to spurt. She teased his half hard schlong and poked it with her feet. She even lapped it a little. But the naughty boy was a little nervous with me watching. Nevertheless he was jizzing some very hot juices. This is a very hot tape. This is Kyla’s most wicked & delicious tape.


Videography by Krazy Ken

Stills by Casper

2nd Video by 3dRichie