"Iron Balls Collides with the 867lb Wrecking Crew"

Featuring Queen Adrena, Goddess Ebonique, &  Princess Ariel (QA48)

This was truly an amazing experience for us girls. We had never seen anything like this before in our fetish lives. We christened our European visitor "Iron Crotch." It was his fantasy to have over 1,000 lbs on his pelvis. With Ebonique @230 lbs, and Ariel @ 310 lbs, and Queen @ 320 lbs., We had 860 lbs. We thought that would be enough for a beginner. He has been practicing with his 200 lb girl friend for some time. We all met at the Temple to play with our new male squash inductee. We tested his squashing abilities by first sitting on him on the couch with all of us at once. That was 867 lbs smashing him as our human couch for a very long time underneath our big buns.

60 min.(1st camera), 45 min with the close-up camera

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We played musical fannies, moving around & trading places. Ebonique & Ariel did some great jumps and fanny flops. and Queenie did some great butt drops. We smothered And crushed Iron Crotch on the couch for while. Then we took him to the mat...

Then we tested his trampling abilities one by one placing our bare feet cross his tummy and crotch. He is only 5’6" 125 lb. He was so small that we could not believe that he could take one of our weights, let alone all three of us as once. We Trampled his tummy & chest. ( his erogenous zones did not include the face walking, but face sitting was great) He took all of our weight surprisingly well & for the most prolonged periods ever. We all stood on the surf board at once. He was smiling. Then we took him to the squash bench. We piled on him there and sat all three at once in many different positions. We had great fun doing some very high jumps and butt drops on his pelvis and tummy on the bench and on the floor.

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For Many More Pics & Mpegs go to www.queenadrena.net

We smothered and crunched him on the crush bench. Our unbelievable finale’ was when we used the little board across his pelvis to ride on him like a surfboard. We flattened him good. It was really fun to watch Ariel rock & roll with her big size 13's riding the little human surfboard, jumping and swinging. Ebonique did some of the most incredible butt drops from a really high position. It was simply amazing that the little man did not break in two. Nor did he ask for mercy but twice. He endured the most weight for the longest of any of our crush boys.

Ebonique & Queen went completely nude at the end with some delicious crush bench smothering and face & abdomen riding. We did some face sitting on the couch and the crush bench. This is a pelvic pressure ride with some extreme delicious smothering scenes. This is for pressure fetishists on the crotch & tummy, & smothering on the face, but not really breath deprivation.

The day before we had this squash party, I took iron crotch up to my Temple in the loft and we had a most erotic squash time. I smothered him with all of my voluptuous curves in very revealing costumes on the crush bench and the squash mat. I sat on his face decadently, and smothered him with my breasts. I stood on his crotch with my bare feet. I tested him in every pressure filled way to get him ready for Ariel & Ebonique the next day when we made this tape.

On our last day with 'Iron Crotch", Ebonique and I captured him again. He said he could take more pounding & weight. So I invited Ebonique over again the next day for the making of the tape titled "Amazons 567 lb Assimilation of Iron Crotch".


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Photos & Videography by Casper