"Iron Crotch's Ultimate Squish"

Iron Crotch stands 5’6" & weighs 140 lbs. He can endure some extraordinary weight on his crotch & pelvic area. We had 2 days of Squish parties at two different times with two different groups of girls. This is a trample orgy. The first 22 minutes of the tape is Cinnamon @ 300, Sugar @ 270, Sharon @ 175, Ebonique @ 240, Kali @ 400, and Kyla @ 250. This is 1,630 lbs of woman standing on his crotch bare footed, with a small crush board. We plopped & butt dropped full weight on him on the couch, & did some dancing moves on the couch using him as a trampoline. We smashed him down to ground round. Then we had the next group of women, Kyla, Shelly @ 170, Sharon, Aurora @ 175, Ruby @ 110, Sweet Feet @ 220, Kali, Thunder Rose and Queen. Then all of the girls did some incredibly high butt drops once again from the couch on his little bones. Then we threw him face down to capture him in our fantastic 3 girl butt sandwich crunches. Our grand finale’ is when we all stood on him on the 8 foot crush board at once. He had 1500 lbs on his tiny little body all at once. He was so thoroughly squished, that he went squirt, losing control completely under out Smashing, pulverizing feet. Truly Brutal & Incredible!

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[QA68]  (55 min  For larger More Explicit pictures & Mpegs go to Queen Adrena.net

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We also have a fantastic segment of all the ladies from Trample Olympics warming up on all the men at the beginning of the 2nd segment. Squish Squirt is what this tape is all about!!