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Queen Kong's Wrestling Price List

A.) Autograph Picture of Queen Kong aka Matilda the Hun $10 + postage $2. (8X10 black & white). Tell me how you want it personalized. (Sorry Folks, I cannot afford to give pictures away.)

I have re-edited & enhanced two classics from the days of oil and mud wrestling. These were taped in 1985. I was in tremendous shape at this time. 6'3' about 220 solid lbs. You will never see the likes of these girls again, nor will you see the special time of Female Athletes and performers being seen for the first time in Mud Wrestling In California.

QK1.) "The Oil Wrestling Bachelor Party- starring Queen Kong". I performed at a bachelor party where I danced and molested a whole bunch of young college boys in my classic knocker lockers moves inside the house, with over 20 guys in attendance. Over 5 young fit college guys tried to pin me inside the house on the carpet. We had a good competitive match inside the house, and then into the pit outside in the yard we went. We oiled up and then went for one of the most real & action packed fights you may ever see in a mixed match. First, I went 3 rounds with the bachelor who was all dressed in his collegiate digs, with head gear and the works. I trimphed after a hard won battle.  I slipped & stripped down nude. I applied lots of scissors to the college boys heads. I was attacked by over 5 guys in the pit outside. I had to fight hard to maintain my Amazonian strength. It was a real competition. I kicked butt, but they got some good moves on me too. You will never see the likes of Queen Kong in her glory like this again.   This is a good quality tape of 40 min duration. I am selling it for $50. plus $5. postage PLUS YOU WILL GET 75 MIN of my Theatrical Composite for free.- See the Queen in her different movie and television parts.  New Oil Pics

Most common Question about this tape: About this Bachelor Party tape. How much actual oil wrestling is on the tape if you wrestle in the house with these guys first? And about your free offer, THEATRICAL COMPOSITE, how much oil wrestling is on it? If the tape is 40 min. and you offer this FREE stuff how long is it now? And I was wondering why you have pictures of some other wrestling match and NOT the Bachelor Party tape, you say you have.

Answer: I don't have pictures of the bachelor party. So I thought taking a look at me during this time period, and seeing similar actions would help. There is 25 minutes of actual wrestling combined with the other activities at the party, making a total of 40 minutes on the oil wrestling part of the tape.  Combine that with 75 min. of my theatrical composite, makes this tape almost a 2 hour tape in total.    

Question : I have to ask...the pictures of the oil wrestling is NOT from Bachelor Party. There from something else. What? Answer: These pictures are from a match I had at Francine's nightclub in Orange County.

Question: Do you offer that as a video?Answer : No,  I do not have a video of this and many matches from that time.  All I have is pictures of that match at Francine's in Orange County. Would you be interested in purchasing a cd rom with all my cool pictures from the many matches that I did that we photographed in stills only. Video was really expensive in those days. We could not afford the camera. But Ken my husband, always took stills. Queenie

Go to Queenkong.com for more about Queen's Wrestling Career

QK2.) "McConahays Mud Wrestling- Amazon Queen Kong vs Doug Franz of the L A Rams". This tape is 2 hours long- It features all of the original mud girls from the ladies of the 80's of all sizes. You will see the entire original classic mud show in every aspect; the dancing before the show, the kissing of the guys in the audience, then the 3 matches. There were two lightweight foxy girl matches and then Queen versus the Mighty Doug Franz. In fact, the entire Rams Football team was there that night. Doug was elected the NFL defensive tackle of the year that year. He was a mighty powerful man. He gave the Queen the most Titanic Tough Struggle of her career in public mud match's. There were over 600 people in the audience and it was an outrageous unbelievably exciting time. This tape is selling for $50. plus $5. postage For true mud fans, this is a classic. You will never again see the innocence and the athletic talent of all of the girls. The competition was real. This was a time long before the silicone breasts and table dancing took over the raw excitement of mud wrestling "the Sport"

New- Queen Kong versus Doug Franz Pics


If you buy both of these tapes, I will sell them for $99 including the $5. postage. Send your Money orders to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, CA. 90745 or call 310-518-1522 and order by credit card. Do me a favor, don't ask for pictures of these matches, I have not found the stills yet, but believe me these are worth every penny. 

Here's a Letter from a shocked fan about my oil & mud wrestling tapes.

(Question)Queenie, I've been a big fan of yours for quite a long time. I love you in GLOW. I even have a few magazines of you boxing You are a true athlete.But the one thing I don't have is your mud and oil wrestling stuff. I noticed you just put this stuff up on your page. Truthfully I didn't even know you did that kind of thing. Why would you be little your self to the mud pits? Isn't that just a big tittie show? I am a big fan but I am surprised you did this. Why?Paul H

(Answer) Paul, I and my husband started mud wrestling in Southern California in the 80's when there was no work for professional wrestlers. I am proud of the way we did it. We presented it as a sport. It was not the way it is now, just table dancers jiggling their tits & asses in the guys faces, and then rolling around in the pit with no athletic skills. I occassionally did some risque' stuff in private videos in the past, but nothing hard core, or anything that I am ashamed of. And now that I am age 50 I need to make some money because professional wrestling does not have any retirement funds and Women did not make enough money to survive off the purity of the sport.  Mud & Oil Wrestling in the 80's was a rough sport ( not just a tits & ass show), and the only show that allowed Queen Kong & the other female athlests to truly compete with men in public . Did you read my biography at all where it describes the thousands of men I beat in mud wrestling, karate masters, and wrestling coaches and etc.? Sincerely, Queen Kong

 QK3.) GLOW I ( collection of different match’s vol. I) $35. Plus $3 postage - 2 hrs.- 0ver 10 matches featured from the classic days of Glow. Including Matilda the Hun, Mountain Fiji. Southern Belles, Heavy Metal, Cheerleaders, Texas Bar Room Brawl. 12 gilr Lumberjack Match. 12 Girl Strip Match.

QKCD1.) POWW the CD Rom- See all your Poww & Glow Lady Wrestlers in a CD rom of pictures & Test from the one & only POWW magazine. 10 page magazine + pics. Only $15

QA29.) "Amazons Smothering & Scissoring Orgy"- 75 min. $45. Two Amazons; Shelly "The Burbank Bomber", 5’10" 170lb 46DD,  (A pro wrestler), & black "Ebonique"- 5’10" 220lb solid lbs. get together for a mixed wrestling double date. The two dominant women compare scissors & face sitting moves.

QA5.) "Savage Wrestling Seduction" 50 minutes $35.Queen's dominant wrestling tape. Pierre's a very cocky french man 5'10" 165 lb. Queen airplane spins, scissors, & forces many submissions out him. She starts in her pro- wrestling boots. Pierre submits after- Q ties him, taunts & teases him sexily & dominantly in lingerie, totally in her smothering moves.

QKTC.) "Queen Kong's Theatrical Composite" $35. (90 minutes) Over 60 video clips from Queen Film Parts,, Television Roles & Appearances, Professional Wrestling, Roller Derby & Her famous man mangling mud & oil wrestling match's. A Great collectors item.- & A great way to get to see the many talents of an incredible Genuine Giantess/ Actress/ Comedian

8.) "Queen Smothers & Lifts" (from Queen's early days) - $40. A full 60 min. VHS. Queenie invites her two small but fit Girl friends Tiny Tiger & Toughie Tina to her house to watch as Queen demonstrates her captivating scissors hold on her young male victim. He had an attitude that needed adjusting. Doubting Thomas resisted at first firmly believing that there is no woman that could really make him cry uncle. So, Queen is forced to lift him up & slam him down a few times in between her expert applications of crushing & scissoring lessons. He cried a few times before Tiny Tiger, 5'5" 110 lbs.very athletic, just had to get her thighs on him to teach him that there is power in a tiny package. Her succulent scissors subdue him even further. Then Toughie felt left out & decided that she would like to give this doubting Thomas her best. Toughie is built very naturally muscular in the thighs for a tiny girl.(great ass) It didn't take her long to seize the moment & extract his uncles. All three Amazons squeeze their male victim into heavenly thighs & every face sitting position possible.

For Purchasing any of these items Just e-mail me your name, mailing address, cc#, expiration date. It will be processed with my own credit card system under the name QK Enterprises. You can also call during the hours of Mon- Fri 10 am-2pm

With All  video orders you can get a free autograph picture- Just mention that you want it.

For A list of other Fantasy Wrestling Tapes, & Female Domination Tapes write to Queen Kong POB 5050 Carson, CA. 90745.


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