"Kyla Vs. Mr Smart Ass in Oil Wrestling"

Kyla had been casually dating this little smart ass jerk, who thought that men were better than women. She decided to invite him over for a wrestling match to teach him a lesson. What a little shit! He thought he was going to get laid, and then sit there and talk about how stupid women are and how much more superior men are. Kyla wouldn’t have it. Kyla declared that she was the queen of wrestling and that she was going to kick Titty Bear’s scrawny little ass. They tried to bring each other down to the mat, and it was some tough competition at first, but Kyla soon prevailed! She picked him up and did an airplane spin on him, slamming him down on the mat. They writhed around on the ground, pinning each other. Kyla sat on his face and smothered him. It was clear that this was a match to be a good fight. Mr smart ass was no weakling. It took strength and cunning for Kyla to pin him and show him she was not just another pretty face. (tape # QOW1. 60 min.) Available in DVD also

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This is where it gets interesting. Kyla then decided she would get the oil bottle out and oil up. Kyla knew her seductive ploys would distract the little shit and she could take advantage of him with her gigantic tits in his face, not to mention her glorious slippery ass. Titty bear rubbed the oil all over Kyla’s delicate skin and Kyla did the same for him. They rolled around slipping all over the mat. And then Kyla took off Titty Bear’s sissy little underwear.  Kyla performed the gSeducevine move, rolling mr smart ass all over the place with her strong thighs and suffocating head breast lock. She applied many different squeezing head scissor holds. It was a good fight. Mr smart ass would get the upper hand occasionally, before Kyla would slip right through his clutches. She always ended up on top. Finally mr smart ass got smart and decided to surrender to her feminine and aggressive wiles.

Kyla rubbed oil all over his cock and balls and continued to sit on his face and force him to worship her breasts! What a slippery juicy mess it was. And it was a turn on for both of them. At the end of the match, Kyla grabbed his hard cock and stroked it with her hand, then she gave the little shit a nice foot job, because he had been such a good sport! It was most fun for both. And Kyla was the winner!!

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