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Death of A pizza Boy- A Fatal Squash Affair

2 BBW's Queen Adrena & Princess Kyla Captured & Punished the Pizza Delivery man who dared to eat their pizza. They Squashed the Holy Hell out of the insolent little worm With their 550 lbs of Massive Asses & Breasts.They Crushed Him & Suffocated him to Death. And they laughed at his Gruelling, Suffocating, and Pounding Torment. See story below..75 min. $45.Check out our specials for Nov-Dec.Buy any two tapes for $80.

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So you ate our pizza, you little worm! Down you go flat, Splatt!








I love to use my ass to get a gasp. Double Squash Smother & Kabosh! How about a coke with that pizza!









grab that pepperoni til it is punished properly! Kyla mounts his face & toys with his schlong. Your Cock needs my foot walk!






The End- Pizza Boy Never Wakes up....

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Death of  Pizza Boy- by Kyla Kiss kishug.gif (4611 bytes)& Queen Adrena

Queenie and I were lying around in bed at the Temple when we decided to order some pizza. We requested our favorite pizza boy whom we loved to invite in to play with us, but he was afraid to deliver our pizza due to the last time we tormented him so wickedly. So we got a new pizza boy.

When our pizza arrived, we invited him inside and opened our pizza. To our astonishment, half of our pizza was missing! The pizza boy swore up and down that it wasn’t him—but I’m positive it was. How dare he eat our pizza?!!! We couldn’t allow him to get away with this or pizza boys everywhere would go wild. It would be pizza anarchy! No pizza would be left untouched by the grubby little hands of all those slimy little pizza boys.

Queenie and I pulled him onto the bed and threw him down. Then we sat on him! We squashed and squashed! What fun, and it had to be done. Bad little pizza boy had to be punished. We bounced and squashed and smothered angrily. "Bounce, squash, squish, grind!" He begged us to get off him and let him go, but we weren’t through with him. In fact, we were just getting started!I forced him to eat my makeshift pepperoni pasties that I had applied to my Gigantic Watermelon Bosoms! "No, I don’t like pepperoni," he whined. But I made him eat them, and then lick all the pizza grease from my nipples. Ha! That little worm had no idea what he had coming to him. I loved to squash out my aggressions on that little pizza eating, no bath taking, pepperoni wasting pizza boy! What incredible power I had over this little shit!

Queenie and I then threw the little pizza boy onto the floor, like a rag doll. And we stepped on him, first, one at a time. Then, we forced him to take the weight of both Queenie and myself, at the same time!We used our 550 lbs. of woman to step on him with no mercy. We flattened him good.

The weasely little man tried to escape once but Queenie caught him! There would be no escape for this little pizza, dough boy! We threw him back on the bed and squished him some more. Thew bed actually broke from the force that we were using. We just laughed our with our tits and asses jiggling like crazy. Then Queenie and I did some serious face sitting. I smothered his little head with my giant, round ass. Together, we really squished him good & hard.  We smothered him in every squashing move Queenie & I could think of. We sat with our full 550 lbs. of weight side by side on his upturned body. Queenie & I took turns sitting on his face grinding our hot pelvic pile driving pussies into his nose and pizza eating lips. Anyone that could steal a sweet girl's pizza should eat some cherry pie with chocolate mouse as well. We took turns grinding our bums deliciously into his lapping lips. He didn't seem to really mind. But we did notice that he would pass out from stark terror at times. His suffocation could have come from our weight crushing his skull and his chest quite deeply as well. We thumped his head and chest and noticed his cock was quite hard. We stripped him naked and started throwing him around for our different squashing moves that bring us so much pleasure and torture for our victims. We piled and smiled, as we did double dog piles. We sat belly to belly and back to back. Our gigantic tits would slam against each other because we were slamming and bouncing so hard on little pizza boy. We ground him up like Mozzarella cheese and we cooked him in our hot pussy & ass ovens.

I then decided to sit with my ass in his round, little pizza face and put my gorgeous feet right on his pizza cock! I stroked his flacid little cock that turned out to be not so little, after all,(surprising for a cheap little wimp). It grew and grew and became harder and larger the more I played with it. I stood on the bed & stepped on it with the balls of my feet and ground my sexy toes into his cock a little more. What a great, big salami he had produced for me! If he wasn’t such a bad little pizza boy, I might have rewarded him with a little something else. After all, I was still a little hungry from the lack of pizza reserves. But, he was bad, so I didn’t suck his large, throbbing schlong, I just squeezed it really hard and yanked it, pulled it, sat on it, stepped on it and had a great time doing it! Queen grabbed the Joy stick once in awhile as she sat on him extracting mercy after mercy. He cried real tears and begged for us to stop. He swore he would never ever steal pizza again. We eased up a little, so as not to spoil our fun too soon.

Pizza boy appeared to be enjoying his penis punishment a little too much, so I turned around, laid face down on his pizza-like body and smothered him with my gigantic, mondo boobies! Queenie joined in the fun and squashed him good, flat as an anchovy! Then we both tit squashed him. Then it was dob pile squashing with both our weights piled up on his puny little body.  It was a pizza pile-up! Poor little pizza boy, you should have seen his face. It turned as red as the tomato sauce on the pizza, and I could feel him gasping for air as we both lay upon him, preventing him from breathing in the stagnant, pizza scented air that he so desperately needed to keep from passing out. I could feel his little pizza chest caving in as I bounced on it. As I bounced Queenie got more & more excited. She had not had a squash feast in a long time. She could not stop plopping her really wide and big beautiful ass in his face and riding it ! I was kinda new to this game, but I was getting more & more excited & in a fever of punishing squashing torment.

I was sitting firmly on his uptuned face, my large buttocks engulfing his pizza being, and sucking up his life force, into my big bum, where I swallowed it, and farted it out, right on his little pizza head. Yummy, eat it up, pizza boy ! He was squirming and trying to push us off of him. But he could not move our 550 lbs of rumpitude! For the final squash and the conclusion of his punishment, we squashed and squashed until we couldn’t squish any more pizza sauce from his little, feeble, pizza body. But I think we may have gone a little too far. You see, when we removed our asses from his lifeless body, we realized that now we were stuck with the task of burying him. Bummer.

Since we were very hungry from all the night’s activities, and we really didn’t feel like digging up the back yard, we decided to reduce, reuse and recycle. We just ate him all up. He tasted a little too much like week-old pizza, but we were so hungry, it didn’t bother us that much. As for the parts that were to hard to chew, they are now simmering into a wonderful pizza boy broth……

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