Goddess Santana Stars in:

"Lady & The Trampoline" ( Order QA44 )

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Santana is 5' 10" in her 5" heels.

This is definitely the most Vivid, Strict, yet Playful & Sensuous Taming of a True Foot & Trample Slave. We christened our new foot slave "Bouncy Boy" (75 min. making this tape 2 full hours) with slide show of other tapes included. Santana says "You will take my spikes digging into your chest and tummy slave Bouncy Boy!"

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Santana was tired of the bull shit come on's in boring dates with the "normal" Machismo guys she had been meeting. She invited over a handsome young man she met online with the thought in mind to get even with the "male species" for being selfish pigs. As soon as Bouncy Boy entered the room she had him on the ground at her feet. She tied his hands because she did not trust him to do as he said he would. She taught this wanna be love slave "Exactly" what a true dominant Foot Goddess wants from a foot man. She has a black belt in martial arts.

She knows how to use her entire body as a lethal weapon. She trampled bouncy boy until he was turned into mashed potatoes. She walked on his face until he melted like hot chocolate. She Bounced & Trounced on his tummy and face until he turned into a human trampoline.

I Want to Smother you Deep inside my Strong thighs To here you cry!

After she tied him, she whipped his ass with her favorite leather whip. She lifted his butt up and dropped him, showing him she's not just another pretty face. She is trained in martial arts. She also has a deep desire for degrading the male species with her feet. Santana found herself very turned on to Bouncy boy, so she played very sensual foot worship and face sitting games as she brutally bounced on him till he was flattened. This is an incredibly sexxy & Brutal Trampling tape. Lots of Bouncing, Jumping &Face Walking. Lots of  very revealing & topless views.

This is a wonderful cat & mouse game of trample and then reward your prey. She Bounced & Trounced & trampled until he turned red as a beet. Santana asked her "BouncyBoy" "why are you so red?" He said "Passion for you Mistress!" Just what she wanted to hear. sigh...

There was heat in her fiery feet. She demanded nonstop licking of her toes and soles. She inserted her feet deeply into his mouth and her soles & toes deeply dug into his chest and the rest at she jumped for joy over & over again. She pounded his chest like a drum and had such fun. Santana did full belly flops on Bouncy Boys body whenever she felt like flinging herself onto him. She is very athletic and it shows in this fantastic foot worship & trample journey.

This is a wonderful exploration of Foot Worship, Face Sitting & Face walking is the Real Deal. These two were in erotic Trample Heaven. Santana extracted as much Bouncing and Jumping onto this slave's body, cock and face as she desired and she never tired!

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Videography by "Krazy Ken"

 2nd Camera by "Casper"

Still Photography by "3D Richie"