"Lesbian Fight Club" [QN11]

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     “Queen Kong” stands 6’3” in her bare feet. She is also known as “Matilda the Hun” from a very popular television show of yesteryears titled “GLOW”, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. She trained many of the girls in that show. And throughout her 25 years in the business she has taught many girls the art of Female Dominance and Wrestling. She recently has opened her private club for girls to learn wrestling for the popular professional wrestling on television. And she has a discreet and club where male clients who wish to wrestle with a girl in private can meet them and pay big money to wrestle with the girls. This is a privilege and very profitable for the girls to be in this club. It is very expensive to join this club for both the females and males.

     "Janine" is an attractive blossoming young woman in her early 20’s. She stands 5’9”, weighing in at a slender 135 lbs. She had fantasized about becoming a professional wrestler for several years. She is deceivingly strong for her lithe body type. She has a true fighting sprit. Her girl friend arranged a meeting with the World Renowned Professional Wrestler Queen Kong. They met at Queen’s private wrestling studio. Queen presented her charm at first. The naïve young Janine was enchanted as Queen explained how the wrestling game was played. Queen told Janine that she could become a Famous professional wrestler just like one of the “Glow Girls”, if she trained hard. Queen further told Janine that she would have to learn to take her bumps and punishment before she could climb the ladder of wrestling success. In other words, she would have to learn how to LOSE. Of course, losing to the strong 6’3” 320 lb. Queen Kong was inevitable.

     Janine could not afford the very expensive tuition for a professional wrestling school. So, she asked Queen if there was anything she could do to be accepted into the private wrestling club. Queenie told her she could pay her tuition with trade. She would have to become the Queen’s personal valet. Little did the sexy young Janine realize that Queen wanted to dominate her and reduce her to a squealing Smother slave & lesbian rag doll. Queen was gentle at first. But it was not long before she lifted Janine up in an airplane spin, slamming her down hard on the couch and the wrestling mats. Queen relentlessly dominated her young prey inside of her mighty head scissoring thighs and her suffocating face sitting games. After a long time of squeezing and squishing the skinny little thing, Queen Demolished her new Female wrestling student Janine.