Queen Adrena Needs Devotee's to Help with her Lifestyle & Business.

(Updated 2005)m  looking for a special live-in full time relationship with a true submissive Goddess worshipper to assist me in writing my books, producing my videos and making my life more enjoyable in general. First of all I want someone who believes in total Feminine Supremacy & the romantic aspects of Goddess worship also. I need someone who can commit a  monthly minimum amount of to my lifestyle. (The monthly amount can be negotiable if you have great computer skills) It would be nice to have some of my bills covered to free my time up for my writing & producing, and training you slave! I also need sponsors to help me develop my school for Dominant & Wrestling women. You can do this part time or full time. You can start by visiting me here in Los Angeles  for a trial meeting of the minds & Bodies ;). I live in El Segundo, next to the airport at the present time. Do write me a letter if you are very sincere and have the time and financial resources to devote. A retired individual would be perfect for the situation. I want to have a school to teach the Dominant women philosophy and the Fetish & Wrestling Arts. You can be our guinea pig for my classes & experimentation. There has never been a better time for me to accept someone into my life more than now.

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     Queen Goddess Adrena Invites you to Obey Her Wicked Way In Her Real Lifestyle.

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About My Lifestyle and How You Can Fit Into It:

 My name is Queen Adrena, also known as Queenie and Matilda the Hun from a my days of professional wrestling. I am a very gregarious, fun loving, serious minded individual with a great sense of humor.

 I've been in the Fetish Scene for over 25 years off & on. I really enjoy being a Dominant Woman. I expect domestic servitude, to be catered to with foot massages, house- cleaning, massage and taking care of my garments and toys. I also enjoy the sensual satisfaction of demanding body service from a truly giving male submissive. If the right submissive female came along, I would enjoy a woman's servitude just as well as a man, especially since oral servitude is my primary satisfaction.  I enjoy a male that can take prolonged periods of face sitting, pressure and smothering. I could also enjoy a sissy maid that is not too controlling. I primarily want a submissive male that is spiritually submissive, one who believes in Feminine Supremacy totally. I am the ultimate Goddess of Power and will make all decisions at all times. I want someone who sees the intelligence in this philosophy. I am a fun person and allow a certain amount of freedom, but I always cum first ha ha.

 I enjoy teaching other aspiring Dominant Women the art through my video making. You will be owned by me & take orders only from me. I do expect someone who is willing to fit into my open lifestyle. I also demand that you would offer yourself as a guinea pig for my occasional female assistants with whom I would demonstrate my dominance in front of for my pleasure.

I have a Dream of having a Family of Big Dominant Women and submissive men to live together in a Big Beautiful house or Farm in northern California. I want it to be a vacation spot where Big Women especially can visit and be treated like the Goddess they were meant to be. I enjoy teaching women about their Dominant powers and that women should rule the world.

I plan to own a farm or ranch in Northern California, where the land is inexpensive and we could have access to more affordable talent for housecleaning, cooking, costume making and etc. I want to share my life with a small group of committed individuals who believe in the Fetish Scene as a natural part of their life. We will be financially independent with our different profitable projects such as videos and many other ideas we are developing . Are you the type of person that can relate to a small kinky family. I don't want too big of an operation happening. I just want a few good men to serve my personal needs and computer needs. Then I will expand the group in time with other Dominant women and men who are carefully choosing members.

I am seeking two kinds of slaves;

The full Time position is this:

I am seeking a computer literate male slave that can feel devoted to me personally in a sensitive, spiritual, sensual and intelligent committed relationship. I need someone who can communicate well in writing and feelings. I need someone to help me with e-mail and organizing my office among other things . I need this individual to not be jealous of my other slaves that I train in private sessions to enhance my income and to train other women to understand the "Scene".  I would like to spend a lot of time with this individual exploring fetish’s for fun. But I also need someone who is excited by the idea of making my mail order company grow in technology and products.

I am looking for someone who likes the idea of an expanded family. I want to share these individuals with some of the females I will be teaching in my Fem Dom classes that will start some time in March of this year. I will be teaching many Fetish Arts. I enjoy a multitude of kinky games; Foot Fetish, Smothering, Sissy boys & girls, Auntie Role play, spanking, B&D, Body Worship, Water Sports & so on.

My dream is for all of us in this expanded family to be able to share a profitable lifestyle emotionally, physically, financially & spiritually. I believe in the Spiritual aspects of the Fem Dom scene. I connect on a Primal level with my special slaves . I believe that the male's surrender to a Dominant woman is one of the deepest connections that a woman and man can attain. I also dream of eventually moving to a large house or vacation resort so that everyone in the group will have enough space for comfort and luxury and creativity; an intimate small community that we can build together. If you have seen the movie "Exit to Eden" or read the book by Ann Rice you can get a glimpse of what I hope to attain in time on a more intimate and controllable level. I like small family groups to relate to.

I would like to hear about how you feel about this if you are looking for any of the positions, full or part time. If you live out of the country this is going to be very difficult to test the waters. But I am open to a week-end visit to see how you would relate to me. 

Bye for now, Your Loving Dominant Goddess Adrena

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