Massive Momma's Crush & Trample


Starring Queen Adrena & Introducing the Mighty Beautiful "Thunder Rose" 5'8" 350 lbs. size 9 & 1/2 feet of very talented trampling & crushing delight! Thunder has been privately playing with slave Matt for some time but has decided it is time to teach him a Real Heavy Lesson in Limitations. Matt eye's were bigger than his appetite for 2 Real Giantess's to have him begging for Mercy Many times.

See story further down on this page to be published in Instep next issue. Thunder Rose has been my friend for a very long time and we welcome supplicants to suffer underneath both of our bountiful ass's and Feet together or separately. You may contact Rose by e-mailing her at Paige100@hotmail.com web page: geocities.com/Paris/Bistro/3577

We both command you to order this video tape so we can make more for you very soon. See ordering instructions on the ordering info




the Story

"Massive Mamma's Crush & Trample" - Introducing "Thunder Rose" 5'8" 350 lbs. sz 9 & 1/2's - slave matt, her true devotee, craved more pressure & weight on his 5'9" 200lb. body, so Queen Adrena makes surprise visit. Matt experiences the deepest ass smothering, with double crushing flat on carpet, & on crush couch. The supersize Mamma's steam roll Matt so flat, that he should go splat. They see saw him into oblivion, and inflict the most incredible pile ups. Both Queen's stand on Matt at the same time leaving the most indelible impressions on his squashed flesh with nice foot marks everywhere. Simply Smashing Darlings!! 50 min.

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